Its it f2s gelato x mint chocolate chip

This will be a fun one to watch !!



Hey there! I’d most definitely be interested, and willing to try these in my garden! :slight_smile:

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Nice dude! I’ll hold off for now, but if you open it up to a normal co-op I’d love some. Definitely will be keeping an eye on this

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Awesome! I’d love to get in on this one. Just had the Gelato 33 for the first time the other day. Enjoyed it very much, those nugs were some of the most fun to break up!


Dang they all sound so damn good. You have good taste man.


Summer 2020 I had the purple Lamborghini from dispensary so I knew I needed it in my life, the thug life OG I was on a kick had Triple OG, Tahoe OG could go wrong crossed with extreme OG?

The gelato 33 x thin mints was excellent as well so figured this line up would be fire on the it’s it.

Saw exotic Genetix pumping out straight fire with breeder cuts so figured get some good phenos.


@BigT, if you get a male and female, rest assured, you’re gonna have a sh!t ton more than 200 seeds (20 peeps x 10 seeds each). Even if your female is small, you should get over a thousand seeds if you time it right. Breeders who grow out larger females for seed production easily get 3000+ seeds per plant.

Then again, more sign ups equals a lot more work. Hey, I think you’re on to something there! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In any case, good luck with the project. I look forward to seeing your success blossom!


I’d love to follow along. How old are the seeds? @BigT Good luck poppin 'em!

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I know you said 20 and placed 22. If anyone backs out or if you need a couple more testers, I could fit some in my schedule. Hehe ! Schedule!!! Anyways I’m there if you need me to run some.

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Keep adding its fine


2018 line also found I have rainbow chips


Aye @BigT
Thanks for your time and effort in doing this - appreciate the opportunity to grow these in the garden!:boom::v:t3::boom:


Well I was gonna stay off cause it was limited to 20, but if you’re sure, don’t mind if I do. Thank you friend!


@BigT interested if anymore slots open up


I’d love to try this one, I’m from san francisco so I am a sucker for it’s its.

in case anyone doesn’t get the reference for the name, it’s a san francisco ice cream sandwich from the old “Playland At The Beach” boardwalk.

and if you want to know about playland,
look up “Laughing Sal” and “Foul Play in Funland” and orson welles’ “The Lady from Shanghai” and that will give you the vibe


We had a Playland over here on the East coast too ! Oh man…you just brought back so many memories to when I was a kid :heart:


Rye playland? I’ve been there a few times when I was a tyke.

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YES ! :laughing: I loved it there. I guess we might live close to eachother. Thou…it was a 45 min car ride when I was younger. But I went every summer. Stayed at my aunts house in Rye. Across the street from her house was that big park with the beach and the Long Island sound.


So far 3 of 10 success some had taproot hopefully wont over litfa.

Did use gilleberic acid

Hoping for success if none backup is a its it male with gg4 fem from Humboldt.

I’m hoping some more top soil in next week fingers crossed.