Karma Genetics Headbanger, Rare Dankness Starkiller and Moonshine Haze and GPS California Cannon

That last pic of the dog is so sad… the dog is saying, BUT I want to eat it…


She always looks like that. Sad-eyed dog. Me and my girl always say she’s suffering from “intense malaise.” Bonus points if anybody knows what that’s from.


The Dog is STONED. MAYBE, I don’t know lol I just like collecting points :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure about any of that, but she also looks a little stuffed up and achy; you might want to take her to have her examined by a veterinarian. Positive vibes…



No, I meant the quote. “Intense malaise.” It’s from something.

@stanknugzz77 She is stuffed-up and achy. Well, achy, not stuffed-up. Both of them go to the vet about six times a year, my girl is really, really good about that. She’s just old. They’re both old, Bowie’s ten, she’s nine (going by the age that the place we adopted her from told us). Taking them for walks now is kind of a downer. They used to drag us out the door and around the neighborhood, now the walks are pretty mellow haha.

She also started taking some new medicine about a month ago that seems to make her… I dunno. Lethargic? Depressed? I think the medicine makes her really thirsty, too, because she’s been drinking a ton lately, as well. So what you’re seeing is just water weight haha. Not really. She’s definitely put on a few pounds in the last year or so. Maybe that’s bumming her out.


Ohh ;( sorry bro. Hope your :dog2: feel better :wink:


Stuffed up and achy is part of the Seinfeld quote haha. Give me my bonus points. Positive vibes…



Good looking weeds and pup! :smiley:


“Intense malaise” is from Seinfeld, yeah haha. What episode is “stuffed up and achy” from? I don’t remember that one.

Edit: never mind, @nube knew the whole goddamned thing haha!


@nube posted it. It is literally all the same quote. I am laughing my nuts off over here. Thank you for that. It sure has been a fuck of a morning until now haha. Positive vibes…



Yeah, I was actually sitting here thinking,”How the fuck can staknugzz tell that she looks stuffed-up and achy just from that picture…?” haha!!! It has been a fuck of a morning, for sure. My sense of humor is at zero right now.


Alright, so I chopped all three Headbangers last night, along with the California Cannon #1. Only the Moonshine Haze and the other Cannon remain. Here’s some pics:

Headbanger #2:

Headbanger #4:

You can see that she was starting to lean a little, been like that for about a week. She obviously has the heaviest buds. Or maybe she has the weakest stems…

Closeups of the #4:

And here’s the Headbanger #5:

The #2 is the one that most smells like Sour Diesel to me, while the #4 and #5 smell more OG-ish. Perfume-y, floral… They all smell really good, though. One thing I’m worried about is it’s so fucking DRY right now. I’ve got two humidifiers in the bathroom, where the plants are hanging, but I still can’t get the humidity levels up. It’s been hovering between 35 and 50 percent, occasionally getting down as low as like 27, 28 percent. And never above 50 percent. I may move the big humidifier in there soon. I mean, it’s probably only like a 5’ x 7’ room, you would think that two humidifiers, both rated for 100 square feet, would be more than enough. But it’s not. I actually had to trim and jar both Starkillers yesterday, only six days after chopping, just because it’s so goddamn dry. Got those nugs in jars with three 62% Bovedas in each jar, but the hygrometers are still only reading like 52-54 percent. Not good. Here’s a pic of the nugs before I jarred them:

They look good, but they feel a little too brittle for me. Having said that, I broke off a little nug last night and did a couple bong rips and it felt nice and sticky, so… I dunno. Hopefully they pull through.

Anyway, here’s the California Cannon #1:

Even though she was still throwing out white pistils, I decided to chop her. She just felt done to me. The other California Cannon is doing the same thing (obviously, otherwise I woulda chopped her, too), still shooting white pistils, but she’s not giving me the “I’m done” vibe yet. Like I said, she and the Moonshine Haze will both be getting chopped on day 77. The Moonshine actually looks further along than the CC #2. I noticed when I was watering them last night that most of the pistils on the Moonshine had darkened up, didn’t really notice any white pistils on her at all.

Anyway, so yeah, Headbangers down, one California Cannon down. Four days left…


I forget if you said you dry them in open air in the bathroom or if they’re contained inside something like a tent when they’re drying. The open air bathroom may just be too much air movement and too much air volume to slow dry them when humidity is that low.

Your plants all look great, though! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for smoke reports!


They’re in the shower. I got one of those closet hanger things, the adjustable bar-type thing, and put it in the middle of the shower and have the plants hanging off of that. There’s no air movement, I don’t have a fan running in there or anything. When I hung plants in what is now my veg tent, I always had an oscillating fan on low. Even when I harvested in September, the first time I used the bathroom for drying, I had a fan running in the shower. But it’s just so arid right now, a fan isn’t necessary.

I’m hoping having four plants hanging in there will increase humidity levels some, more than just having two plants hanging in there like when the Starkillers were chopped, but it’s not looking like it. When I checked this morning, it was at 37%. Not good. I’m thinking I’ll probably only let them hang for three or four days and then break them down and put them in paper bags. Or I may just move the humidifier that’s rated for 700 square feet in there. The Starkillers I probably let hang too long (five days? Doesn’t seem very long to me), shoulda got them in paper bags after three days. I just opened every jar and checked the nugs, though. They feel fine. I think they’ll pull through.

Smoke reports will be a ways off, but I will say that the Starkiller I blazed last night was pretty goddamn good. Very stony, with a focused high. I smoked some Time Bandit before bed two nights ago and my mind was racing. I’m re-watching “Better Call Saul” right now and after I blazed the Time Bandit, I realized half an episode went by and I didn’t notice it at all, nor did I know what was going on, just because I was thinking about so many other things. When I smoked the Starkiller last night, I was very focused on the episode I was watching, not thinking about anything else. Which I like haha. I’m sick of thinking about things right now haha…

The Starkiller also tastes unbelievably good. Smells very good, too. Everything about it just screams “Classic OG.” Smells like every dispensary in LA that I’ve ever been in.


I’m also thinking about getting some saranwrap or something and creating a sort of “roof” in the shower to trap moisture. I dunno. I gotta do something, though, because this dry-ass air isn’t working for me. Or the plants.


What about a tent that will fit inside your drying area? Hang them in that, zip it up with no fans. Open a port on the top and a port on the bottom, then adjust as necessary until target humidity is reached.

Interesting results from your Time Bandit with the mind racing. bodhi did say that he’s been into the “headie indicas” in the last few years as he ages, so that makes some sense that he’d select a strong F6 or F7 88g13hp indica male that throws kids with that qualities.


There’s too much stuff in that bathroom already, I’ve been moving shit in there because there’s no more room in the bedroom. There’s no room for a tent. And the way it’s laid out, a tent wouldn’t fit in there even if there was room, not even a 2 x 2 tent. Well, maybe a 2 x 2 tent, but that’s not big enough to dry four plants in, anyway. Or maybe it’d be big enough, but the plants would be a little too jammed together for my liking.

I’ll figure it out. I’m gonna get in there tonight, once the lights turn on, and do the saranwrap thing. Or some kind of “roof” anyway. Something to make it a little less dry. And once I chop those last two plants, in three days now, I’ll move the vegging plants from the little tent to the big one and probably move the chopped plants into the veg tent to finish drying.


I hadn’t heard that, but I believe it. That Time Bandit is just smoking SO much differently than it was after a month cure. Almost makes me wanna update the smoke report I posted in my log and attach a warning: “Four month-cured Time Bandit will make you think too much,” haha. Or something. If it wasn’t for the heavy-ass, sleep-inducing second hour, I’d classify it as a “daytime strain.” But that second hour is still very heavy. I wouldn’t smoke it during the day, no matter what the first hour is like.


So I decided to chop the last two plants, the Moonshine and the California Cannon #2, last night. I was thinking I’d wait until today, day 77, to chop, but then was like,“Fuck it, let’s get them hanging and drying…” What’s one more day, right?

Moonshine Haze:

Good thing I staked her haha… She flopped all over the place when I removed the stakes.

You can see she started foxtailing there near the end, but that’s fine. I actually kinda like it when plants foxtail. I should also mention that she’s EXTREMELY stinky. Our entire house has been overwhelmed with her smell. It’s a weird combination of burnt rubber and tanning lotion, like that old-school “coconut” tanning oil that people used to use, before we realized that excessive sun exposure made your skin look gross haha. But yeah, she reeks. Our whole house stinks.

And here’s the California Cannon #2:

I’m really impressed with this one, too. The flowers on her are fucking huge, very dense and stinky. Just a nose-piercing-type smell, not natural, very “chemical-y.” I love it. And I can’t get over the size of her flowers. Might be the biggest buds I’ve ever grown.

People talk shit about Gu and rightfully so (he’s a dickhead), but I can’t say anything bad about these plants. Really impressive. I can’t wait to smoke these…

Anyway, yeah! Haha. Another grow in the books. I loooooove growing weed…


They look great!


Thanks, dude! I didn’t have anything to do with it haha. These were straight water-only. It’s all in the soil and the genetics. Sorry the pics kind of suck, I got extremely drunk yesterday haha! Woke up this morning and was like,”Wha… Wha’ happened…? Did I chop those plants…?” My girl’s a little annoyed with me today haha. And when I looked at the pics I took this morning, I cringed. The ones I posted were the only decent ones I took. There were a bunch that were just like,”Yeeeshhhh…” all blurry and horrible and out-of-focus haha.

Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Don’t drink and garden.