L.E.D. optimal room temp

This is very informative


Very good read! I wonder where the newer daylight LEDs fall in the mix since these tests were with blurples?


They had tested what they called a “white led”. That would prob be what you are referring to.

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I’m not so sure it is, seeing as they only had 2 specific color temps listed for it and no mention of UV/IR which most of the new ones have.

"Typical “white” LEDs consisting of a blue LED with a Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (YAG) phosphor

  • 60% 2700K color temperature
  • 40% 10000K color temperature"

So to me at least, assuming that they did not test modern full spectrum LED, it’s a interesting question where they would fall. I’m guessing a couple degrees higher LST than a blurple but still significantly lower than HPS/MH in equal ambient temperature. Just a wild guess though.