Landrace Expansion & Trade

Ok folks, lets step up our game and enrich our collections through trade.

Step 1: Grow teh landrace
Step 2: Make more
Step 3: Trade that landrace!

We get a couple people up in here following the pattern, and I’m pretty sure we can build a global economy in our mini fridges.

Who’s holding?

I’ve got some Durbans of the pure sativa variety and a hybrid of 2 Lebanese.


I just have afghani, and afghan kush…dont think that really qualified


I would love to trade for some of your Blue Hemp Switzerland Lebanese, please let me know if anything I am working with ever piques your interest.
I have multiple landraces in the seed collection but have only preserved Real Seed Co. 2013 Lebanese gathered on site in Lebanon. I’ve been giving those away for a few years and no longer have enough to trade.

If you have any special seed popping tricks I’d be happy to send some rsc 2014 kumaoni. This stock was gathered before hybrid contamination occurred, apparently starting in 2016. Unfortunately I have had zero luck with germination. I’d like to give someone else a shot at these if they think they can make some magic happen.
Better for someone else to preserve this than for me to keep trying unsuccessfully until I use up the stock.


The blue hemp Leb is a very unique strain. Despite being extremely mildly psychoactive, I actually had a few people tell me it was one of their favorites. I should have enough to send you a few. The flowering time is so short, seeds barely have time to mature. But I think I still got viable beans off them.

I’m going to open pollinate a bunch of Lebanese of various lineages pretty soon to cross with my Panama Haze mom. Later this year I’ll have some of those ready too.


Depends. I love all Afghans but a lot do lean more towards heirlooms. I’d still trade if you had one that I didn’t.


Is Ace legit? They have all sorts of cool stuff if so


I really like Ace. Most of their stuff is inbred quite a bit, so you won’t get wild landrace expressions. For most growers, it’s pretty helpful.

The Panama Haze I’m holding right now is from Ace. It’s a really great smoke.


Nice, im glad to hear it… im gonna have to try out the pakistan chitral. The pics of panama haze look awesome on their site…


Honestly, i want them to be legit, but I have some doubts about their breeding practices… to be very specific, the panama I acquired from them seems to have indica genetics. If I can figure out how to upload a pic from a camera, I would show you. I only grew 5 girls, but the longest flowering individual was 10 weeks. One could have been taken down at 7 weeks but I let it go til 9 hoping for some reflowering. It was way overdone. Buzz is not up on any of them. Not even on green phenos. To top it off, one plant I had was totally a panama hash plant. Unmistakably crossed with deep chunk( imo)( which they and cbg share I think. Had the colombian highland droop to the leaves and all, but no serrations in the bud leaves. JUST LIKE DEEP CHUNK!!! I have to give the disclaimer that I never smoked the original Panama Red back in the day. And I’ve never grown deep chunk…or smoked it. But 7 = 10 weeks for Panama buds? No way!( Then I see they started carrying panama d.c. ( deep chunk) which only heightened my suspicions). This particular pheno went 10 weeks. Now i suppose if you brought an indica to panama 400 yrs ago it would have become very sativa like in growth pattern over that time. And if you selected the fastest individuals for ten generations, maybe you would pull those indica qualities back out of the genes… But who the fuck wants that from Panama Red! I wanted the sativa David Lee Roth sang about in the 80’s! Not some sativa " indica"! But I digress… their purple malawi was wonderful. Many of their varieties have sativa flowering times, but I would snag them when they are first released before they are turned into indicas!


Umm 1973 Riders of the Purple Sage who’s this David Lee person? LOL Pretty sure the strain was history before that guy sang Panama…


Are there any real hardy and fast flowering landrace strains? If so id love to pop some outdoors in the UK


@Bob13 most of the strains from around the Mediterranean are very fast flowering. That includes Turkey, Lebanon, Sinai, Morocco and Syria. Afghans, kushes, Iranian are also fairly fast and usually more potent.


I agree. I am not so sure about their Panama. I’d buy the one from CBG. The are not the same. CBG is like a 5-7th generation I think, while Ace has inbred theirs to 12. They originate from the same genetics, but at this point they’re fairly different I’d guess.

Also they’re a hybrid of 3 Panama strains. I wonder if they used one that was not a landrace but a modern drug hybrid. Especially aces version seems to be bred for short flower time, so if that were true, it might lean towards a hybrid.


|AK Bean Brains - Durban
The Real Seed Co. - Johaar
The Real Seed Co. - Kumaoni
The Real Seed Co. - Malana Cream
The Real Seed Co. - Nepalese
From Dankest Africa (FDA) - Congolese Black
FDA - Malawi Gold
FDA - Transkei Red (Roobilard)

I’m also going to order some Swazi Gold from FDA today, and they should be in hand in 5-6 weeks. I didn’t start collecting seeds until 2018, so I haven’t grown out any of these strains yet. I’m signed up for several seed runs, and I haven’t done much in return, so I’ll pony these up to anyone who’s in a position to do a seed run with them.


David Lee Roth sang for Van Halen. Van Halen started I think in 1978. I think David Lee Roth was singing about some of the glory smoke he had tried. I know when Panama Red was around.the song was from the album 1984 I think.


I’ll print out my list after work. Good idea

Who is this FDA? Was this the guy from South Africa you were talking about? Sorry I don’t have time to go through the old posts at the moment. Rooibaard huh? Supposed to have buds as big as a forearm if I remember the old afropips description. Excellent find if it’s real. Does FDA sell worked or unworked landraces? Congo black? Could it be??? I’ll have to check these guys out


That’s a good list. I have snow’s Congo black IX, but that one might be better. I might check in with you down the road. I’m interested in Congolese genetics.

I might have some CPN seeds coming. If I get them, I’ll do a bit of preservation for those. Not sure it’ll be a full fledged seed run, but enough to trade with people who want them.


Yeah, my buddy Nick is the grower/breeder for FDA. They sell both pure landraces, and they have some real interesting looking hybrids based on the landrace genetics. He’s got a couple of unlisted, strains that sounded killer:

Golden Grapes [Grape Ape x Swazi]
NY Gold Cakes [(Gelato x NYDiesel) x Swazi]

Nick told me he’s had that Rooibaard for years, and he says it’s the real deal, same with the Congo Black. He’s on Strainly @, and his profile has some more strains listed. He’s also on IG @

Give him a shout, he’s a legit guy.


Congo point noire? Tropical seeds? Supposed to be great social weed. Any relation to the rsc Congolese do you know?