Landrace preservation and hybrids project

Welcome, I can tell you that your in the right place. Do some searches for land race strains. I think you will find some interesting reading.


If landraces are up your alley u should prob check out

U will prob find a lot of what your looking to preserve plus some other cool stuff :wink:

Good luck with the project! Sounds pretty awesome!


Welcome to OG @Ras! We have a couple of landrace threads dedicated to locating sources and preserving worthy candidates. There are a lot of landrace loving people on here. You came to the right place.

It takes a week or so to get your permissions up and into place. Just visit threads and give and get likes and it’ll slowly open up for you.

Just ask anyone for help and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Have fun! we do. peace

Oh, and the search function can help you locate the info you seek. It’s up in the top right of the site. The 3 lines next to that will show you the categories on our forum.


I’m still learning but check out ACE seeds. Lots of old school sativas.


Nice list! I can confirm @Foreigner suggestion of Ace seeds. I will be running Ketama as well, from ace seeds, this fall, along side Beldia Kif for a tradition Moroccan hash run. I also have just purchased Malawi from ace seeds for running directly after my Morroccan hash run. Hahaha i should call it my “ACE seeds in a hole” winter run :laughing:


Have you introduced yourself on here;

:green_heart: :seedling:


I have some stock I have grown and could give out if you like running Landrace and first x’s of classic strains



Thanks for the link had never heard of these folks cha Ching! What part of Az you in? If you are ?


Mohave county


Great projects Ras .

Id love to smoke what I had in Barbados. Very enjoyable day time smoke . Not sure what they have down there .

I will be checking out everything you decide to share for sure !

( A quick google search shows it’s mostly from Jamaica)

Nice goals. I just sprouted 3 Kumaoni reg . They are an after thought, figure I would add them into a pollen happening soon of some DJ gear. Cocoa Kush. I got the Kumaoni free with some Friesland from Kwik Seeds. Not sure how they will respond to the 1 gallon pots I am going to force them in, not well is my guess, i tried one last year grew too fast, straight bean-stock so I ditched it.
Found a lil write up on them. Kumaoni Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews | AllBud

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@Floyd @AzSeaindooin420 @GMan Thanks for the support!! I will check up as much as I can, I plan on doing this project also collaborating with other people, in the end this is something global and we gotta support each other!! Gotta bring back those old jems


@Foreigner @Jinglepot Definitely Ace is a nice one, currently im running the tropical mix from them which as far as I know its mostly Panama/Tikal/Malawi hybrids. I will upload some photos today. Also Jingle good luck on all of those runs! Would love to know more about them, if you have a thread about it send it here!


@G-paS Yeah, my stupidass went straight into doing this thread and when I submitted it the mod message telling me that popped up :man_facepalming: :rofl:


I will when I get them started, I jave to finish off my Sour d and slh and then romulan and summer routdoors first, lol

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@Instg8ter For sure!! send me a PM and let’s talk about it, I also want this to be something open to collaborations, like a community thing, landraces should be available to everyone!!!


First of all thanks!
Well, currently I’m looking onto getting some double jam as a first big step towards those types of smokes, I will share more details as soon as I can. Also as far as I know many of the strains original to those caribbean islands share a common parental(anyone correct me if i’m wrong)

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Thanks!!, Do you have a topic on it?? also that cocoa kush did you had a female or only male? in case yes what was the smoke experience?. About the 1 gallon pots, later you will see, but in indoors my main pots are at most 5L, in case it gets blocked to that pot you can just prune the roots, add new soil to the pot and done, in fact I did that yesterday to some of the plants that were on 2L bags. In case you haven’t done this and you decide to try, dont get discouraged if you see the plants down, give them some time, its stressful af for them, but also if the soil has some life and an organic feeding schedule it will recover faster ime


Nice!! I hope you get a good harvest from those!! Also good luck on the season! I’m also preparing some for it, for bud and to do some tests of the ruderalis crosses


Welcome @Ras sounds like you’ll fit right in here. Definitely be keeping my eyes out for these gems.

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