Landraces and heirloom

I am a Chilean gardener, I want to publish my photos in this thread and I invite anyone who wants to publish their pure sativas is welcome.
This sativa came to me from the hands of excellent friends and preservationists, lovers of pure varieties. It is an African sativa sold many years ago by the bank africa seeds and preserved by the collective vibes.Sativa of flowering of about 10 to 12 weeks.

Ethiopian Highland.

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

Richard Crashaw

upload photos while work and family allow me hehe


sativa africana shared by a great friend lover of landraces.Él got them in tropical seeds.Sativa of flora of no more than 12 weeks, very nice smoke, very creative, ideal for making crafts.



Hola and welcome. :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing these. :thumbsup:

Can you describe their taste? :tongue: smell? :nose: and effect? :dizzy_face:

I believe the Richard has self-polinated seeds. :mag: :wink:

:evergreen_tree: mi espanol es como :poop:


Saludos Yaxu!!! Qué pinta bacana tiene la Etíope!!! La que tengo en mente es la de ACE seeds, por la confianza que me da ese banco y por la facilidad para pillarlas. La Senegal de TSC también la quería por lo curioso de sus cogollos en cola de zorro.
¿Qué tal van de colocón?

That Ethiopian looks great! The one I have in mind is that from ACE seeds, because of the trust that bank gives me and because of the ease to get it. Also interested in that Senegal from TSC because of its foxtail buds.
How are high effects?

@cannabissequoia :joy: :joy: as our english!!


@cannabissequoia @Kan Hello, thanks for commenting. The truth is that my English is like the ass hehe use Google translator. I tell you that ethipian has woody flavors with earthy backgrounds, medium colocon but with a good selection you find plants with a strong punch but without reaching paranoia. Now I want to show original haze, his last lots were sold in 2011 in seedsman, shared by a great friend. The best sativa that tasted :grin:aromas menthol, woody, with a punch of great, euphoric, trippy.4 months of flowering.

Original Haze phenotype thai


I too love the African landraces and I am trying to start a collection of all the African landraces I can find. I would love to get my hands on some Ethiopian highland and the Senegal as I have neither one yet. So far I have a few varieties of seeds from Tropical seeds such as their Durban x Ciskei , King Congo ectra. also have Malawi gold, ace seeds Zamaldelica and am waiting on some others to arrive.
A fellow member is also sending me some Transkei seeds… Anyways I hope to eventually acquire landrace seeds from all over the african continent as I feel African strains have a lot to offer.
What I hope to do is make my own crosses using nothing but African landraces to make my own Haze like strains but using nothing but African strains! Maybe call the strain “African Safari” or maybe just “Africa” , Hopefully my pipe dream comes to be someday!


It’s good to see you’re still doin your thing @pookie123 . I’m running some Zamaldelica right now, have you run her yet? Haven’t heard a single bad word about the bud she produces.


Me encantan las sativas :heart:
Voy enpezar un cultivo pronto de una variedad Brasileña, miremos se realmente es o que me recuerdo.

I love sativas
I will start a grow from a Brazilian strain soon, let’s see if it as I remember.


Thanks @Worcestershire_Farms , Not yet, But might likely be my next run, Perhaps a couple African strains… I’m limited to a small grow space of like 2ft x 6ft x 6ft so Im limited to like 6-8 smaller plants max. I wish I were in a more friendly state it’s med legal here but just barely, I think things are going to change for the better for many over the next 5 years… Well I hope so anyways…
Yes, I have never read or heard anything bad about Zamaldelica in fact only good things as you have stated. Some have said it was the strongest strain they have ever smoked and can be psychedelic and Trippy and that some should be careful when they smoke it as it can be overwhelming for some if they partake too much of it… I know I cant wait to grow some of it, and I hope I find one of the super potent pheno’s as a keeper! :sunglasses:


I’m filling her with seeds and turning the whole thing into hash. I’m hoping it’ll white-out the average smoker.


@Worcestershire_Farms Cultivate zamadelica, from the first batches with the end of 2011, a sativa well psychedelic, but not the best that tasted. I still have some beans and I also made some f2.


Fox tail


How high does it rate on your list of favorites? The last true sativa I grew was Jamaican Lambsbread, and even the runt far outgrew my environment and skills. I intend to win this battle. :joy:


line shared by my good friend colombiano criposo art, great preservative of sativas colombinas

Punto red colombiana. 18 weeks Flowering

john donne famous works

john donne famous works

john donne famous works


take fucking laws.

ode poems by famous poets


Beautiful plants! Nice work!! :heart_eyes:


Hola yaxu. dí con tú hilo.

tomámos asiento. lindas sativonas


Bienvenido @Truhan :grin: y también @lefthandseeds

Mama Thai selección Truhan
Mama Thai#1

Mama Thai #2


Love seeing sativa pics


@Billybob welcome

Leaf of Colombia mangobiche.


I used to grow a lot of Mexican when I was younger. But when I moved closer to the ocean it became harder to grow them in the rainforest. They we’re pure mold and heat proof. The only Sativa’s I’m growing now are hybirds. Ghost train haze 1 and Tnr . keep up the great work. I did a seed swap with a guy from south Africa I gave home indica’s and he was supposed to send me purr Sativa’s but the Sativa’s never arrived. Think I might grow some Sativa’s next season