Large ph swing help

Ok finally got my dwc set up and was given plants from a fried that were clones in soil about a week before I got them. Res is a 17 gal tote with 6in net pots hanging in solution until roots come out of that pots then I’ll drop the level. Yesterday i mixed my solution which was tap water then added gh flora 3 part with armor si, cal magic, flora nectar, floraliticious plus and I used myco chum to bring the ph down to 5.76. Ppm 1113. This morning I go in and res has foam on top from atl the bubbles and ph shot up to 7.4 and ppm still the same. Used ph down to get it back down to a 5.8. Media is hydroton that was washed and soaked in 6.0 water before transplant. I couldn’t get all the soil out the roots but left very very little. What could be causing my ph swing like that? I’m thinking the foam is from the myco chum as its made from fish emulsion and molasses. Could the small ammt of soil be causing the swing? Had to add 20ml ph down to 12 gallon of solution to bring it back down.


More than likely its caused from microbe growth that’s been boosted by the myco chum. Just my two cents


The odd thing is I made an extra gallon of solution and its ph stayed the sane

To me it sounds like you pretty much turned your res into a compost tea brewer with the air, nutrients, and I’m betting the myco chum has live biology in it which is growing and reproducing. I bet if you checked the ppms its lower even with no plants eating it.

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Try making a batch without the myco and see if it still happens.

Ppm is the same defending where in the res i put the pen. Some places dropped 100 others 200 higher. Trying to stay out of the bubbles when i check yields the same number as when i put it in

Looks like they are starting to suffer from the ph swings.

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looks like one is wilting changed nutes ph stable at 5.8 dropped armor si and cal magic just ac weaker flora 3 part hopefully she perks back up

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I noticed today that my ph has risen a bit which not to concerned with but why would the tds raise 20pts?

Sounds like your plants are taking up just water atm and that will raise the tds ppm

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Could also be some water evaporation from lights or adding ph solution, I would not worry about 20 points tho

There was a chart on a site which i can’t remember that showed the cause of different ph and tds movement causes and fixes. I’ll tell you taking a 15 year break its like starting for the first time again

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TDS fluctuates, it’s normal , what you don’t want is big swings in Ph. Although it will fluctuate as well , you would want to keep it as stable as possible.

Evaporation and nutrient uptake. No worries.

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Starting ph 5.7 I’ll let it swing up to 6.2 then adjust back shown to 5.8-5.9 which takes 2 days to go up that much. I change the res every 7 days because I’ve noticed that after 5 the tds starts going up and ph isn’t as stable. Like almost impossible to keep under 6.3.

Usually it rises during veg and tends to drop during flower. What kind of setup are you using ? Are you adding anything else to the nutes you are using?

I’m using a dwc set up. Gh 3 part with half their recomended amount of armor si and cal magic, also using floralitious plus, diamond nectar,flora nectar,Flora blend and liquid koolbloom. Tap water has a tds of 122 final blend after ph adj 1120. I messed up and mixed to the early bloom chart on their site insteadof transition. Just flipped ac week ago. Under 1000w hps in 4x4 tent lights on temp 83 lights of 72

I’ve noticed the plants i was given that are in dirt seem to be transitioning faster than the ones in the dwc

Wow that seems like a lot lol I grow Dwc as well and I also use the 3 part GH series , been using it since it came out
That’s a stand alone pack , in my opinion all you need is the 3part , some nectar to ensure you get nute uptake throughout the ph fluctuations, liquid kool bloom if you like as well. I personally wouldn’t add the others. Dry kool bloom for the last 3 weeks is good tho. Everything else sounds good, fix The ratios to transition the best you can , you can do that by just adding some more nitrogen and micro nutrients. The rapid ph fluctuations are probably due to all the additives on top of the 3part series.

How good is the feeding chart on their website?