Last grow … a tent

So I have those same plates, from Amazon, same light, and growing a dosi cut. I think we might be the same person.

My dosi had a lizard living in her soil today smh.


Doesn’t light affect the roots in clear cups?

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Hmm pretty odd

I did recommend the light but the plates must be we have the same taste lol …

Well you ain’t gonna find no lizards down here

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Wait till I update tomorrow and you can answer that one :crazy_face:

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Here’s mine! She’s a thirsty heifer.


What a beaut! mines only eight days old tomorrow I think lol …

Just bend her over !

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Nice, mines about 17 ish days! pretty excited to get to grow this one out around same time few others are I believe.

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Didn’t realize you had the going bud, pulling up a chair.

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Deff is cool isn’t it we all are one !

Hell yeah man come on in! Hope you don’t mind bean bags :sweat_smile:

Picturing all the OGs sitting behind a wall of fish tanks where on the other side I’m in a lab coat dealing with the ladies …meanwhile y’all in there hanging out on bean bags burning and watching the fish chilling out and glancing past the fish wall every once in a while to see me hard at work or scratching my head …depending on the day …okay yeah it’s late …. 11:11 make a wish

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Update :

8 days since emerging from soil
18/6 lighting

obviously the smaller one a day or two behind ! And ended up giving her a little bit to much water she looks a little droopy…whoopsie

Grcd : seem to be enjoying life and doing what a plant is suppose to do !

The dosi cuts:
are ready to explore as well

Here’s some shots of the roots through the clear cup …

I’m thinking a couple days maybe a week these r going to have to be put in there forever home .

2.5 gallon pots

The soils I’m going to be using is just a shot in the dark

Unfortunately it only filled two ina half pots so I’m going to be using my super soil mix for one and add a little potatoe soil to fill the last half pot


Little update on the ladies …

The two Grcd I transplanted into 2.5 gallon containers one is in a soil I made and only grew one plant out in it …

The other lady is in that soil posted above …do not care for it already…I put almost two whole gallons through it just to get it wet ??

The dosi cuts r looking pretty good …interesting to see the mutation happen on each plant also transplanted in 2.5 pots with the soil mentioned above

Let’s hope they take this transplant well and this soil works for me :seedling:


If you watered em that much I’d wait damn near 2 weeks before I water em again. @Mr.Sparkle wanna give a second input just to be sure?

My biggest mistake I always make with autos is over watering and it stunts the shit out of their growth (in MY personal experience, promix HP, HP CC mediums).

Definitely got some funky leaves so far I didn’t get to experience that with the one I grew, the one on the right looks straight up Ducks Foot kinda mutation. Wonder if they’ll normalize or keep it up.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop bud! Keep up the good work


Thanks man and yeah I really didn’t want to water that much but literally poured in two gallons and half the water just sat on top I had to hand mix it to become saturated that’s why it worries me ….deff a gamble and they seems to have gotten some shock seeing how they look pretty droopy atm

I was deff thinking duck foot when I saw those leafs as well

Mr sparkles bigger grcd was droopy when I got home and now after transplant almost completely drooped

HANG in there girl !!


Hey brother! I’m getting ready to pop a green crack seed from you. I’ll definitely be planting one next outdoor season for sure… Everything is looking great bud! I can’t wait to see how those autos turn out for you! I know @Testofoath and @MrSparkle had some great auto strains. I haven’t grown out any of testofoaths stuff yet but seen pics of them and there absolutely beautiful! So are MrSparkles. I’m not sure on this but I think @ReikoX may have something to do with the grcd. Don’t quote me on that because I’m not sure. Either way you got some great genetics your working with. I’ll definitely be watching! O yeah the grcd is super frosty!!


Hell yeah man since I started indoors I’ve only done autos same soil same nutes this time I’m changing things up a littl lol I don’t mind them they r deff fun to watch grow
Thanks for stopping in man I hope that green crack serves you well :seedling:

Updates to come !!


Update :

The ladies took the transplant very well I must say ! Thinking about tying them down soon !

Once tied down things shall get interesting time to bring out the pipe cleaners lol


Looking happy


Little update:
The grcd is plugging along and taking the first stage of lst pretty well also has shown pre flowers ! Time for the vigor to happen !

The dosi cut is plugging along pretty rapidly seems to love the new pots preflowers also have been spotted can’t wait for the tent to fill !

Well the four smallest ladies I might talk about someday🤪


They all seem to be happy and healthy for sure, you’re doing great bud, thanks for keeping us posted on our cultivars too, very cool of you!

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