Lebanese Sativa Landrace by Real Seed Company - Outdoor

These seeds were given to me by BigSur a member no longer here. They are supposed to be a Landrace Sativa from Lebanon. The Real Seed Company breed them and here they are…

Obviously will cull the males once they show sex!

Sci :robot:


Hola, tico.
Its a Indica Landrace ( y tiene, de momento, una preciosa pinta de ello, además). It have good fame here.


Mad, desentierra rapido totalmente esas hojas o enfermaran!! Intenta que nunca toquen tierra ni con la punta de un foliolo.

Mad, dig up those leaves quickly or they’ll get sick !! Try never to touch the ground or with the tip of a leaflet.


Vos sabes mas que yo, y te creo. Pero el que me las mando dijo que era una sativota! No se.

Yo le quite las hojas que pegan al suelo apenas tome las fotos!



Por eso ya no está aquí. No sabe lo que dice y gente puede llegar a crear sus mentiras. Ojo, no creo que lo hacía por malo, pero si andaba mal con su información.


Y tons no se hace muy grande! Mejor para mi hombre. El muro de la casa mide 3 metros.

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Con tu fotoperiodo tropical casi ecuatorial, crecerá menos de lo que más al Norte lo hacen las indicas puras… Pero te van a venir de perlas esos 3 metros de muro para las sativas, je, je…

With your almost equatorial tropical photoperiod, it will grow less than what the pure indicas do to the North … But you will come from pearls those 3 meters of wall for sativas, heh, je …


I’m excited to see someone else growing these @MadScientist!
I’ve only grown a few, but they are interesting plants. Most of mine have been what I would call semi-autoflower and I am trying to use them to make some hybrids that finish earlier way up north. I can keep them in veg under 24/0 and they still clone. To me, that is a very useful set of characteristics. Can’t wait to see what happens with yours. The roots are very healthy and they get a little grumpy when you top them.


cool, I grew real seed co. lebanese outdoor last year, and this year I’m growing the f2s. This second generation is much more vigorous now that it has acclimatized. as people have said, it’s an indica and not a sativa.

My rsc pure lebanese females weren’t potent but they have an interesting old school slightly psychedelic indica high, and were early finishers. I made the male into an edible, and surprisingly it got me wasted.


How are these plants doing? Need an update :relaxed:

No update, they got eaten by ants, and long before i could even take care of them, check out the other grow man…

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Well, that’s still an update ha ha!

I’ll definitely check that out.


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here’s a real seed co lebanese photodump in case anyone is curious what these plants look like :slight_smile: :sunny:

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

These plants aren’t thc potent, but they are medicinal with very unique terpene profiles and a mild psychedelic effect. They have amazing colors while growing, with iridescent magenta pistils on some phenos, and pale neon green flowers on others.

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looks like og is having some trouble with my photos.


it was a very rough outdoor season last year, with heat, drought, hail, and a ton of forest fire ash. but these plants toughed it out and produced a ton of seeds for me in an open pollination. This strain preflowers very early, in late july to early august, around the time that the photoperiod starts decreasing after summer equinox.

This year I’m growing acclimatized seeds from this green pheno outdoor, sinsemilla this time around. this years outdoor grow was actually an experiment, at the end of last years outdoor season I removed a seeded lower branch that was splashed with mud, and planted it in a large outdoor smart pot to overwinter. all the seeds germed early in march this spring, and I’ve just culled all the males in early august.


I’ve only flowered a couple out in a micro cabinet and did not see the trchomes go out on some f the bigger leaves like yours. They sure do pre-flower early and that definitely has my interest for outdoor crosses.
Have you ever done a good job! I hope I get similar results, but I’m a year behind you :frowning:


RSC Lebanese grown indoors using compost tea


the outdoor grow of the acclimatized lebanese seeds went very well. my plants were ready in early october. about 12 females all grown in a 65 gallon pot with plenty of variation in color and terpene profile, but all definitely pure lebanese. Individuals have very different smells, like tart red berries and lime, melon, tangerine and cucumber, and even savory beer and cheddar cheese. They all have a hint of the same smell in the background, a mix of elmer’s glue, cucumber, and lemon skittles. The aroma is unlike any modern hybrids I’ve encountered.

These definitely get much more benefit from a long cure than modern hybrids. The potency is much higher in this generation. I don’t know how to describe the effect, other than that it is nowhere near the indica-sativa spectrum of highs. it’s medicinal, and it gets me blasted. it’s very psychedelic. I could smoke this, and then just laugh at the sky for hours. there’s a crazy sensation when you take the first hit. The onset of the high feels like the sound of a gong in reverse. A deep quiet vibration, building into an intense, turbulent bass, then the faster high pitched vibrations increase in intensity until it reaches the maximum intensity at the moment the mallet hit the gong, and then absolute silence. from that point on, you experience an intense perspective altering high.
Next time I get those jars out I’ll post some bud photos.


I also gave away several seedlings as testers to first-time cannabis growers.

One was grown in a 7 gallon pot, treated roughly, and fed with hydro nutrients. it turned into a 6 foot giant, but was most likely ruined by poor harvest and drying methods.

The other was planted in a diverse and healthy organic garden with a mature ecosystem and given no special care or pest control of any kind, just occasional watering. this plant turned out beautifully, with no apparent pest or mold problems of any kind. no one has smoked this pheno yet, but the grower was thrilled with the natural beauty of the plant and the flowers themselves. one of the people that regularly assists me with my grow trimmed this plant, and said that the resin actually made her fingertips numb. I’m hoping for a sample of this one.