Legal Maine question

In my state of Maine where it is legal , just wondering if you can still get a charge for paraphernalia? Thanks

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Hello fellow Mainer! I don’t think so… but in a vehicle idk if it’s like an open container.

Another fellow mainers here. I agree with the above post. I believe everything must be kept secure in the vehicle: glove box, trunk etc.

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Fellow Mainer here…Aroostook County. Welcome, indeed!!! Stay safe and, be well.

From a County Sherriff, “NO” if it’s secured, not displayed in the open." As always, though, be careful and DON’T advertise!!! Stay safe/be well.

NORML’s website gives you all kinds of information on state laws and whatnot. it looks like you’re fine as long as you’re not selling paraphernalia. I don’t know if that’s even enforced.

Possession of paraphernalia
No penalty
Incarceration: None
Max Fine: $ 0

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