🍀 March Supporter Fundraiser - cannabissequoia's stash [Closed]

Auction rules:

  • Each lot will be sold to highest bidder.

  • You are bidding on each of the listed lots separately. Post lot number and your bid with USD price.

  • When you post a bid, your previous bids are considered canceled. You may bid on multiple lots in one post.

  • :mega: Whenever you outbid someone, please tag him so that he is notified.

  • Bidding starts at 10 USD. Minimal bid increment is 5 USD.

  • Auction will end on 2020-03-16T22:59:00Z.
    (Note: This timestamp is presented to you in your local timezone as long as you have the correct timezone set in your profile. Hold cursor over timestamp to see time in other zones)

  • :money_with_wings: Donation options include Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin (address will be provided by @LemonadeJoe to highest bidders). https://overgrow.com/donate

  • :package: Shipping (untracked) is included in bid (small charge will be added for tracking inside US(PM cannabissequoia), tracked shipping outside US is not available). These will ship from US. Seeds will be shipped after your donation is received.

Don’t forget to mention which Lot are you bidding on ! - Lot 1, Lot 2, etc…

:evergreen_tree: :heart: OG


Ok, here’s my contribution, about 1/2 my collection:

Lot No of Seeds - Title (Breeder/info)
Lot# 1 23 Maui Sunshine (Sebring)
Lot# 2 20 Sunshine Daydream F2 (Sebring)
Lot# 3 10 Platinum Huckleberry Cookies F2 (Johnny Hempseed Colllective via Sebring)
Lot# 4 10 Cackleberry (F2?) (Sebring)
Lot# 5 23 Black Domina #1 x Junglespice (Lefthandseeds)
Lot# 6 16 Junglespice F2 #7, loud, pine (Lefthandseeds)
Lot# 7 10 Junglespice F2 #6, breeder’s choice (Lefthandseeds)
Lot# 8 11 Junglespice F2 #4 (Lefthandseeds)
Lot# 9 10 Junglespice F2 #1, fruity, frosty (Lefthandseeds)
Lot# 10 12 Black Domina #2 x Junglespice, fat, kushy budz (Lefthandseeds)
Lot# 11 6 Purple Durban (Cobra50)
6 Sweetjack Blueberry x Sweetjack Blueberry (FTLOB)
12 “K2” Blueberry Kush BX1 (FTLOB)
7 Black Widow x Sensi Star (FTLOB)
6 BCKush x Blueberry (FTLOB)
Lot# 12 8 East Coast Sour Diesel(TR seeds) x “Hardcore Wreck” (Hartigear Platinum Cookie Trainwreck) (Modicumgenes - PLEASE SHOW THE GROW)
Lot# 13 10 Headband x “Hardcore Wreck”(Hartigear Platinum Cookie Trainwreck) (Modicumgenes - PLEASE SHOW THE GROW)
Lot# 14 10 “East Coast Vacation” Cristal Paradise(KC Brains) x East Coast Sour Diesel(TR seeds) (Starstruck/Modicumgenes - PLEASE SHOW THE GROW)
Lot# 15 4 (BCKush x Blueberry) x (F13xSweetoothxCindy99) (FTLOB)
Lot# 16 32 Dark Devil(Mr.Sparkle) x Red Cherry Berry (cannabissequoia)
Lot# 17 20 Conspiracy Kush(TGA) x Red Cherry Berry (cannabissequoia)
Lot# 18 20 Orange Sunshine F2 #1 (50state) x x Red Cherry Berry (cannabissequoia)
Lot# 19 20 Berry White (bagseed) x Red Cherry Berry (cannabissequoia)
Lot# 20 20 SilverOG (goldengateseeds/DNA) x Red Cherry Berry (cannabissequoia)
Lot# 21 20 GlacierOG (bagseed) x Red Cherry Berry (cannabissequoia)
Lot# 22 20 Durban Poison (clone) x Sour Lifesaver(B.O.G.)

OK folks I’m new at this so bear with me…


(@LemonadeJoe Is <6 days enough time? :thinking: )



I don’t know if this is enough visible for the rest of members huh . Impressive collection you’ve got there, thanks for sharing Arriba|nullxnull .

I will start with 30 $ for lot #11:sunglasses:


Thanks @George1961 :slightly_smiling_face:

@LemonadeJoe – should this be “pinned”? …& how/who does that? :blush:

:evergreen_tree: :racehorse: . …


If this is the half “you don’ t mind to get rid of” :innocent: with all those marvelous strains I wonder how will it be the other half … frech|nullxnull

Perhaps in the Seed run section would be more visible, I know people that has notifications ON for that section ejem|nullxnull , community helas is not trending topic … :sweat_smile:


20 $ on lot 12

20 $ on lot 13

20 $ on lot 14

10 $ on lot 15

10 $ on lot 10


Wow that’s quite a collection for only being half :stuck_out_tongue: wish i had the space and cash to pick up some of these fundraiser packs… Thanks for doing this! Good luck on winning some awesome genetics everyone ^^


Lot #3. Bid amount is 35$.


This is pretty cool like the idea

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This thread fell off my radar… lot 3 $40 @zion. Lot 11 $35 @George1961… those are my bids and the previous high bidder…


Thanks @cannabissequoia for organizing this fundraiser… Raised money will be used for big hardware upgrade of server that we need to do (especially regarding disk space and CPU).

It is full six days plus few hours…

I’d say that based on previous auctions it is… Many of bids are usually concentrated into first day or two and into last day… There is some time in between that doesn’t get much traction. And I’d say 90% of regulars visit at least every other day, so 90% will notice that auction is on.

Current Ending: 2020-03-16T22:59:00Z.

But if anyone feels the need for later auction end, let us know:

  • I’m OK with current ending.
  • Please add at least 1 day to auction time.
  • Please add at least 2 days…
  • Please add at least 3 days…
  • Please add at least 4 days…
  • Please add at least 5 days…

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@Swe-can lot #13 $30

Also lot #19 $20


Let’s say 50 $ for lot #11, @Stickyjones ejem|nullxnull


@cannabissequoia is lot #16 autoflower?


Also $20 on lot #22 sorry for the multiple posts


Lot 2 $20

Love ya work @cannabissequoia



In better answer to the poll I don’t honestly mind if you guys add days I can’t speak for everyone but I’m ok with how ever many days you guys figure out but I would figure it out soon lol