Members who haven't been seen here in awhile

Overgrow is a busy forum with a lot of members, and some come here every once in awhile, but then again there are others who it seems are always here, and are willing to help out or add a witty comment, etc…

Lately it seems there have been some regular members who haven’t shown up around here for awhile, and I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread that highlights who these people are, and call them out and tag them and hopefully we will see them log in and check in here to report that they are OK and they have just been busy.

Please feel free to tag anyone that you know of, who is a regular that hasn’t been seen here in awhile. I made it a wiki, so you can edit this first post and add anyone that you haven’t seen in awhile to this list.

The following members haven’t been seen in a bit:

@TheShowMeHomie (sighted recently on instagram according to @vernal )


Here’s hoping no one is arrested…


Great idea @monkeyman,
Help them feel the :green_heart:


I’m sure you mean well but I find it a bit intrusive. People don’t have to log in here. If they choose not to or life just gets in the way I don’t think that is anyone’s business.

Also I don’t think they will see the tags unless the log in, so that’s not really gonna work. :wink:


Of course people don’t have to log in here lol. I think you may have misunderstood the intentions of this thread. I am not suggesting that we pry in to anyone’s personal business, and I don’t feel that simply pointing out that some regulars haven’t been around in a bit is crossing any lines of personal space or giving up any radical information about them personally.

The fact of the matter is that I dearly miss some of the folks on this list, and am concerned as to their well-being, especially in these crazy times of covid, etc., and I am sure that others are too. With so many active members here it is easy to miss the fact that someone who is a regular hasn’t posted for a bit.

I also understand that the nature of forums generally is that people fade in and out for various reasons, however I think that this isn’t a typical internet forum in that it is in more like an extended family here and many of us have developed deeper ties with people than we normally would through a discussion forum such as this, and it is surprising (and a bit concerning) when someone who posts here all the time just seems to disappear.

I know that people don’t see the tags unless they log in, but maybe if they just log in to check things out and see that they are tagged in this thread they can let themselves be known, and let us know that they are OK. I am sorry if this suggestion bothers you, but the only reason that I mentioned any of this here was purely out of friendship and concern, and not to call anyone out for having not posted here in awhile.


Great idea my primate brother!


Good idea haven’t heard from @TheShowMeHomie in a while either


@sebrings been pretty quiet also .


@Sebring posted here 5 days ago


ShowMeHomie’s on IG all the time, talk to him pretty regular.

As for the other members, I certainly didn’t kill them, if that’s what anyone is thinking.


I agree, I miss the interaction too. Some are lurking, others haven’t been seen for awhile. Nothing wrong to take a break for awhile, to watch, and to take time to refresh their interests.

Send them a PM, let them know they are missed. They should receive an email notification.


MOTR :pensive:




He was in the discord chat that a few people started after getting banned for nothing here but hasn’t been there either. What’s his insta




Isn’t there a setting where an email is sent if you’re tagged or receive a PM?


Sebring is busy as always. (I’ve been working on building my own light saber :wink: )


Havnt seens @beacher around for a while either


don’t think he is a member here but maybe someone knows him
has anyone seen or talked to Berenger !!??
he hung out at Firestax and had his own seed selling site for awhile and then just disappeared
great grower and person


Lol I’m still alive, and even more shockingly so are my plants lol. I’ve been enjoying a bit of sabbatical from humanity and I have to say its been nice haha. Beer weed and music have been great company these last couple weeks!

Thanks for the concern I’ll let you all know if I die :joy:


Haha right on, a little brake never hurts