Mephisto Genetics

Title. I’m on my second grow with their genetics and I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten.


What strain is in the picture? And what other strains from Mephisto have you grown?


@Mr.Sparkle? I dont know what you grow but you mentioned mephisto in discord chat

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In the pic is a skywalker. Last grow I grew 4 Toof Decays and right now I have 4 Skywalkers, 4 Mystery Pack Meph strains, 2 Forgotten Cookies, 2 Forum Stompers, and 2 Strawberry Nuggets going. All in 5 gal pots except one skywalker that I wanted to experiment with and put it in 3 gal.


No I’m not Mr. Sparkle.

didn’t say you were friend

I was pinging Mr. sparkle so he could see it when he comes online or have it alert him if that is his preference, and he could weigh in on the subject… he grows autos exclusivly… he doesn’t mess with photo period grows.


Oh sorry about that bud

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yep i have 4 of his strains, but some of the limited edition releases. Sour crinkle, Auto Blues Purple pheno, Gold blue and … just had to look it up Blue Tooth, all produced nice plants.

i was looking at those strawberry nuggets and forgotten cookies in that last drop, but decided i had enough on the go at the moment.

Also toastyjakes is sorta accurate, in that right now and for the last year plus ive been growing autos exclusively, but i was a photoperiod grower before that for many years.

I just enjoy the quick turn around on the faster strains, the longer ones though to me are really just meant for outdoors, as i can grow photos in the same time indoors.

Would like to make some seeds from the sour crinkle though, so maybe once i move “currently home hunting” and build a smaller side cab for seed purposes.

Btw welcome to the forums @2muchDank also head on over to the introduction thread and give a hello


i’m growing a 3 bears OG right now, it’s almost finished flowering… i only grew it in a 16oz solo cup though so it didn’t get very large… and i stunted it terribly for the first 3 weeks of its life… it started flowering on like its 2nd node LOL


I’m starting to think i may have a 3 Bears OG as one of my mystery plants.

I grow the occasional Mephisto strain too though the best I’ve grown ( a few times now) and for smoking (imo) is creme bubbly, though i have only grown one that i didn’t like and it yielded well too MBAP but i will grow out the rest eventually, I’ve grown a few of the strains you mentioned in the opening post, high price tag but grown well can be as/more potent than regs…
I have the fastbuds’ blue dream matic’ , i haven’t tried fastbuds but I hear good things about them…
Nice looking bud in the pic - all Mephisto.?

Welcome to Overgrow @2muchDank.
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Edit; :arrow_lower_left: Yeah @2muchDank toss up some of your blue toof auto pics bud…


Yes those are all Mephisto’s that I have going currently. 8 strains over 13 plants. I have pictures of the 4 Toof Decay’s that I harvested a few months back if you’d like to see.

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These are actually Toof decay not blue Toof

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just wondering other peoples say on mephesto just got some 3bear og/forumstomper/chemdoggin/walter white/orange diesel/strawberry nuggets/sour livers and somthing else so far the 3 bear og one didnt germ my fault and one hermed other looks great and shows it will be dank others are seedlings the sour livers is showing signs of being a real stinker and the strawberry nuggets is a cluster fuck looking to know what other people think of there genetics?

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Heard there genetics are great. If you end up making seeds with the good autos then I’m more than happy to trade some bodhi photo strains for them

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You probably mean
Title corrected.


i will hold you to it im about to self some orange diesel seeds atm make some crosses of chemdoggin and walter white and the nch5 if you keen what bohdi strains you have ?

Fuck I’ve got quite a few
Dank Sinatra
More cowbell remix

I have grown out a lot of different strains of theirs, iv grown their sour livers and it’s real nice and potent too , also grown a lot of other Mephisto offerings but my last purchase from them ; creme de la chem, white train ,Helsingborg special ,& AvT f2’s and i had only 1 of 5 creme de la chem germ plus 2 white train - 0 germed, plus i had two packs of sour livers and out of 7 only 2 germed too …
I really enjoy growing they’re gear but it’s been hit n miss with germ rates- but just with the last lot i bought) … ( probably had more problems germing that lot than ALL my other gear put together.) I still got a few of Mephisto’s genetics but i probably won’t buy them again … ( i WILL grow out what i have left - if they germ lol.)

I grew out the northern cheese Haze too and it’s excellent , well worth a trade.
I hope this helps someone :ok_hand:
Happy growing/smoking ,