Mimir's F.B.S.C runs- Beanz, Beanz the magical fruit

All right all you freakers out there it is time to begin.
This is where i will do all my F.B.S.C preservation runs. These will be full documentation. I will list the amount of nutrients used during each feeding, Rh %, ambient temp, water temp and ppm levels.
All runs will be done in dwc to facilitate faster growth and production rate.
Runs will be in a 4’x4’ tent
Lighting is a mars hydro ts3000 led
Nutrients will be Gen hydro flora series trio
Additives will be cal/mag+ and hydroguard
I will be keeping clones from all runs just incase a second run is needed for whatever reason so genetics aren’t lost.
Lastly below will be a list of strains as they are started.
Now lets have some fun guys

Much love in the garden

  1. Valkyrie-snow high

Pulling up my bucket to sit on. Ready to be entertained.


Damn! I’m on board too!!! Mimir’s rolling scientific stylee!!! Thanks for your work and dedication @MimirKush !!!


“Dibs” on that far corner there. Let the fun begin, Full Fare submitted, Refreshments in hand, gonna ride it out. I wish you nothing but success. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


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:v: :v: Have a good day all.


sounds like a hell fire poly-hybrid cross - watching ya -

[(Berserker (Skywalker OG x Thors Hammer) x Hells Angel (OG Kush x True Gangster Kush)]



You know man, I mailed out 5 packs of seeds last week, and all of them have arrived except yours. You’re in some sort of USPS twilight zone man. :grinning:

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Was meaning to drop those beanz yesterday but had a family emegency so hopefully tomorrow i can have a real start to this thread… My apology’s for the ugly start up with this thread… Was stoned and didnt know :joy:


It’s all good. Remember:



Dude you had me rolling with that…

02-27-21 Valkyrie germination begins

Not the biggest seeds ive put down but they are far from the worst
Ph is at 6.0
Temp is 75°
Much love in the garden


Alright 1 week after 3 days 3 taproots were poking around the paper towel sweet put em in some rockwool and into the veg tent… 2 days later there was another 4 taproots so i put em all into cubes… Now its 2 days later and we got 3 lil babies and some ?'s… Fingers crossed

Humidity is at 75% and temp 77


Well a fourth has popped up kinda… Theyve been kept fairly dry just added a tad bit of moisture before i took the pic


Lil non pic update to save server space another baby has broke the surface… That makes 5 so far
Lets put out vibes for a couple more :crossed_fingers:


Well this sucks… The 3 tiny sprouts died so all rhats left is these 2 which havent really grown much.

Idk this is a rough start :joy: guess i just gotta hope for the best here


I feel your pain but don’t let it get you down. I started 2 PPP seeds, both got a tap root. First one did not break surface after being put in coco and when I dug it out the poor thing was dead. Not today the one that did come up is flopping over. I have never lost one before so this is a first for me. Gonna drop some more beans and soldier on :slight_smile:


I just dont like the thought of wastin the freaker strains… This is the first time ive had any pop a root and then die


I am in the same boat. I got some PPP seeds that there was a run done on which apparently disappeared so I was really lucky to get my hands on them. Decided to do my first seed run with them to spread across OG and now the first 2 are dead/dying. I would care much less if it was like Pineapple express or some other easy to get strain. Just dropped 4 more seeds in water, nothing to do but keep moving forward. Hope the remaining plants grow strong and healthy for you.


Thanks man me too