Thats awesome! I think the only reason mine took so long is cuz of all the shit with Corona

How many days did yours take to arrive?

Ordered April 8th and recipient may 13th , so just over a month

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Mine showed up today sadly they were already opened and crushed, and taped back together, they shipped in a small birthday card. So idk if I’ll try that again.

I ran their lemon kush, critical kush, and pinapple kush autos… Now im running 4 mystery fems from a 20 pack I think… who knows what they are, but they are right next to my macs.

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Yeah thats about same for mine except they weren’t crushed, not exactly what I would call stealth shipping (at least not to justify the cost of stealth shipping)

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@Deadinside88 I sent them a message on Instagram, and they replied the next day, I have another order shipped out, they said they are gonna try to sneak it past them this time. They also told me, that oklahoma has been hard on them, I guess some jerk is making it his mission to make sure non of these devil seeds makes it thru to his hometown, the shit head.

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Thats awesome :grin: glad to see their on it for customer service.

After a lengthy hold in NY, my goodies arrived. Better late than never.

So, I’ll add a note to save this movie for when I grow one of these beans out and harvest some nugs, then I’ll watch a movie, I have a feeling I’m in for a treat. I’m a huge B movie fan. Lol