Multi strain flood and drain

Today Friday 14th April. Seeds went into 1/2 pint solo cups of Coco (pound shop blocks)

5 x gelato

8 x blueberry auto (to go outdoors this season)

1 x ice cream cake #5

1 x Afghan kush Ryder

10 x Jacks rainbow

I built the flood and drain system a while ago. 4 x 5l pots.
120l res.
600lph feed pump.
150lph flume pump.
Sonoff 4ch R3.

Lighting is 5 x solstrips.
meanwell Hlg150h-24-a. (Yet to build).

I’ll be back in an attic for the first time in many years. Running in a 2x4x5ft tent. (Yet to buy).

Have a ram 4" circulation fan.

4" fan and filter.

10l air chiller/humidifier. (Which I plan to run on sonoff th16)

Still undecided on nutrients.


Nice set up. I have a question. Is it hard to run that type if system and is it real expensive?

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I don’t think it’s too hard. It has its quirks like every other setup. I think it cost me around £150 to build the flood and drain. More than happy to tell you how/what you need to buy.

This controls the feed/flume pump/light schedule/air pump.

I’m probably going to use advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom hydro pH perfect as had least problems with that and haven’t paid much attention to pH drift etc.

In short. It works for me bro. Might not be for you. What are you running now?


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :sunglasses:

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You must be as they say across the pond. I am on the east coast in Md, USA


I am across the pond bro. Manchester, England.

And you’re welcome :sunglasses:


Rate now I am running a few autos ( AK-47, Super Skunk, and Sour Diesel ) in soil all organic. No bottle nutrients pretty modest set up in an open room with humidifier, fans, and 480W LED light.

But just got over a few months period a few more things to get a good set up. 4’x4’x80” ac infinity tent, ac infinity 6” filtration system with air scrubber and automatic Bluetooth controls, 2-6” oscillating fans. Saving money for a nice HLG light.

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So are you a big Soccer fan (Football) sorry about that. I am a Washington Football fan. I live 10 or 15 miles from the White House. East of the city in the suburbs.

Bear with. Just cooking up a little something in the kitchen. Nothing wrong with a modest setup at all. As long as you enjoy the process :muscle:
480w of LED and automated sounds pretty good to me :sunglasses:

I’ll get pics up of the setup properly once I’ve been and got a tent. And I certainly am a football fan. Manchester city born and raised :blue_heart:
I live about 4 miles from the Etihad stadium


That is cool as shit. I have never been to England, but have been to Italy many times when I was little that is where my grandfather was from and my grandmother was from Germany. When I was little my grandfather was a nuclear physicist and used to travel the world to lecture and my parents allowed me to travel with him.


It’s distinctly average England…you’re not missing much :rofl: I’d love to go to Italy and even Germany. Sounds like your grandad was a fascinating guy. The kind I would have loved to sit down and chat to.
Vape juice is made now. Time to sit down and smoke :100::muscle::fire:


Cleared the loft space. System just fit through the hatch. Fans/Fan/filter/chiller-humidifier in the pic


Cool setup brother…
I wish you all the best :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:
I’ll be lurking somewhere here , sending good vibes learning a thing or two along the way :wink:

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Thankyou bro, it’s much appreciated :muscle:
You’re more than welcome to stick around. Learn stuff ermm maybe lol. I’ve got a lot of useless pub quiz knowledge :rofl: glad to have you on board


25 plants at one time, you go :slightly_smiling_face: never tried the f & d setup yet, so I’ll need to watch yours.

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The auto blueberry are all to go outside. If I could get a gelato/jack’s rainbow/icc#5/Afghan kush Ryder in the system. I think that should be enough mayhem :rofl:
F&D is great when it works. This is this systems maiden voyage so wish me luck bro


Very cool, I like the setup very much in fact. I’m down for the show!

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Thankyou man. If anything is gonna give the game away who I am it’s a WiFi controlled flood and drain system :rofl::eyes:
Solstrip rig is bodged together and tested so even though I have no tent at the moment they can still have good light to start them strong :muscle:

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Honestly I’ve thought about doing this or something similar many times. Other than my RDWC setup I prefer to hand water, lift, hand water u just get a feel for things but man it gets old, plus going away for a week or more just can’t happen, I have a lot automated but I’ve been debating (drip) my mentor has been pushing me this way for 5-6 years now. Or flood and drain. Idk I’m confused as I also love the idea of LSO (living soil) and just the whole idea behind it. Coco is officially my longest running medium (gotta be 8-9 years in total, I’ve done ebb n flow, rockwool drain to waste (bought a prebuilt setup) , DWC and RDWC. Idk anymore I’m confused haha. Could that easily be scaled up to say 12/16/18 plants?

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You hit the nail on the head when you said to go away for a week. I can still make sure everything runs smoothly whilst I’m away. Should I need to be.
I’ve got a couple of local friends who both use Wilma dripper systems with Coco which work quite well for them. I’ve handwatered 36 plants in Coco before and honestly was a pain in the arse :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
It could quite easily be scaled up. Just have to account for the pots volume to res size. Probably use an external res too. I designed this to fit in an 80x80cm to 60x120cm tent with a gravity return to the res. You would need a 2nd pump for the return to res on a floor standing system. Still be cheap and easy to make. You literally need a drill/drill bits and a bit of sandpaper to deburr as far as tooling to build one too.
I could throw you a list of materials together for any size system. Just shout up