My experience with AK Bean Brains Genetics

Need to get his chocolope one of my favorite all time strains such a nice smoke


NL1 does pretty well outside. Most pheno’s want to go until mid Oct., but there can be some earlier ones that are ready by the end of september or first week of october. Not a huge yielder, but packs a punch with a heavy narcotic high.


Excellent description man. I get excited to see all the NL plants you’ve run. Love NL and have a few AKBB offerings with NL. I have his NL1, a Choc Thai x NL, Purple NL x Neville’s Haze, and the TK x TKNL5Haze. I’ve already heard great reviews of the TKNL5Hazes. Can’t wait to run it all out. Waiting until I can keep cuts. Thanks again dude.


Nice! I’ve never had any AK beans and now I want some :slightly_smiling_face:


Another AKBB fan here. I’ve grown his GG4 x Black Domina, NL5/1 x Super Skunk, and currently have five seedlings of Consumption x Chocolate Thai.

I don’t have the BDxGG4 anymore, but keep a mom of the NLxSS. I have a clone that will move into the flower tent probably this week.

Previous grow


Not gonna lie…I skipped this entire wall of text and skipped straight to the pics. It could really benefit from added paragraph separation and whitespace.

The gist of it seems like you’re happy with what you’ve grown and the pics look good, so good on ya.


That’s good to hear. I’m hoping to do an outdoor grow with it when I move.


Thanks. I love NL too. Those NL crosses look awesome. I’ve got a few TKNL5haze crosses that I want to start soon.


Looking excellent! I have a pack of those too that I want to start soon. Do you have pic of the NL x SS?


The 1st and 3rd pics in my post above are the NL5/1 x Super Skunk, I abbreviate it as NLxSK or NLxSkunk on the plant tags. Top pic is the one I’m vegging now, the third is one I grew a couple years ago. Middle pic is the GG4 x Black Domina, which was a freebie I received when I ordered through JBC seeds.

No pics yet of the Consumption x Chocolate Thai - also a freebie - since I just planted them on May 1st (one week ago) so there’s not much to see. I’ll send leaf samples to the lab towards the end of the week or early next week to determine how many are girls. Consumption is [NL5 x Haze (Cough pheno)] x TK NL5 Haze. I have a couple other TKNL5Haze crosses from AKBB. Those and the NL5/1 x 89NL have piqued my interest, as have Romulan Bx, Williams Wonder F3, and the Black Domina x StarFighter… So many strains so little time.


Sorry. I just noticed the labels. They look great. Definitely looking forward to seeing your Consumption x Chocolate Thai. The one I’m excited to start next is the Red Grape Lebanese.


4 ak4way in 7 gallons. This pic seems to represent the way the population stretches. About 25 percent stretch a lot, 25 percent stretch a little, and 50 percent stretch very little. This is just a guess based on growing it for 2 years. I’m guessing because of the distant diesel lineage.

Some others observations about these strains.
These plants can take serious abuse. They do resist mold very well just as advertised. One was touching a NL1 that got botrytis and had no issues. None of them have ever had mold. Which is why I started working with this plant, because I’m allergic to mold.


Do you have a clone or do you keep popping seeeds?


I’m popping seeds. I’m familiarizing myself with the line as much as possible to do some potential breeding work with it. I’ve gone through about 4 packs. There were a few I wish I would have kept but I’m more interested in getting to know the seed line as much as possible for now.


Im full of questions today. What were the special plants like? What caught your eye? Any linked traights?


The only strain I’ve grown successfully so far from start to vaping is AKBB NL #1. One plant landed me enough bud for a year. And the high… if you pack a PAX3, put it on the lowest setting & take 6 hits = perfection.

The high makes walking a delight & I’m talking to everyone on the street :rofl: It makes a bad day a good day. Crushes anxiety, eases pain, makes you happy. It’s a winner.

Keep in mind this was my FIRST grow. Just one plant in a 4x4.


Whose Northern Lights is better? AKBB or AG Seed Co?


My favorite plant so far had a bubblegum and baked goods type smell, with interesting spice and earth background. The bud structure was incredible and it barely needed to be trimmed. The buds were so dense that a tiny looking amount weighed a lot. It made incredible full melt sift. The high is what stood out to me on this one, it just makes everything better, similar to what Gonzo described about the NL1. Unfortunately it was from one of the first runs I did and didn’t save it. The bubblegum/baked goods smell has been in a few and is what I’m looking for. There has been a few grape bubblegum smelling ones those are awesome as well.


Looks awesome. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone growing their own medicine. That’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of old strains vs new strains. The new ones seem to lack a lot of the medicinal benefits that the older ones have. What was the smell/taste like on yours? I’ve had some that were very fruity cherry like a classic Afghan and some that were pine/gin/juniper and one that was like a turpentine factory on fire.


I haven’t grown any AG seed co seeds, but I’d say they both will be very different. My understanding is that AKBBs NL1 is Nevil’s NL1 which is something like Purest Indica X NL5 x Nevil’s Mazar. This is the same NL1 that Bob Hemphill uses and I’m pretty sure he has confirmed this. Ag Seed Cos predate these and are the building blocks that made this NL1. I will be purchasing some of the AG Seed Co ones in the near future. The NL2 is what intrigues me the most. Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong.