New Breed Seed -Oregon Seed (autoflowering)

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is having a great season. I have been working with New Breed Seed in Cottage Grove, Oregon this season and thought I would share a few pictures of what they’ve been doing. Currently they are only breeding day neutral plants (autoflowering).

These pictures are of quality control tests each row of irrigation (two rows of pots) is a different strain. Strange average from 65 to 90 days seed (direct sow) to harvest.

I have long been attracted to this model. I think we should kill light dep, stop wasting plastic, time, and electricity and grow year round under the sun. Lets bring sex back to Cannabis. Clone armies are not as resilient as seed.


Wow! very interesting.
thanks for sharing


I love it and i think i saw elsewhere, like a couple of days ago, was it on leafly…? I dunno, but great method…

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Not that I know of. If you have found an article about them, I would like to see it. I think Sungrower was going to have an article about them, but I haven’t seen it yet if its come out.


Maybe i’m confused, dunno really. Been really stoned this last couple of days… LOL

Sorry if i freaked you out…


Some ladybugs for the greenhouse run of testers.


0Sun only. Hybrid test run.Uploading…


Very impressive ! Thanks for sharing! What is your experience with temperature and humidity in your area using greenhouse?


I love this grow.

What a great concept and a beautiful set up.

Go @GrowingHigher!

Like to see this.

Thank you!


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wow that’s a lot of pots! how many plants are in that greenhouse? unfortunately where i live its winter 9 months of the year… well only 6 but the other 3 are still too cold for plants :frowning:

I’ll believe the temp is held between 70 and 75. The breeder also uses the DIF technique sometimes. I honestly am not sure where humidity is being kept now that they are in flower.

Some of the new 2018. Hybrids



Now that’s some frosty…nice looking stuff



<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/8/f/8f9fa21c751be5a18f7210d78752ba5e103e97ac.jpg" width=“690” height=“335”>


This is what I want my woods to look like :joy: how well do the autos stand up to pests and mold when it’s rainy and cold out? Looks really controlled what kind of ipm you guys run? I’d imagine an army of midgets (compared to most farms 10ft +giants) like that would be really uniform in production and a relative breeze to take down. Probably don’t ruin into much inner bud shading problems right? How would you compare the finishing process to monster plants? I’d think it would be light years quicker and easier to harvest dry and cure those. Thanks for sharing this :+1::+1:

We had very little pest issues, with no treatments, outdoor this season.

We see spotted cucumber beetles, which are not a problem for adult plants. In the green houses we get aphid problems (possibly the bhang aphid which is in Oregon) and white flies occasionally. Spider mites aren’t a problem outdoors. Russet mites could be, but growing from seed to flower so quickly really reduces the chance of infestations to establish and explode. We saw some this year, but it only affected one plant.

On the other hand mold is definitely a problem for some of the lines, especially as density is being increased. Though there is a genetic component beyond just bud structure as well and mold resistance is a selection target. Another main point for breeding autos is their ability to allow a farmer to time the harvest before the rain and cold.

No pruning or big-leafing was done for this crop. I think some big-leafing a few weeks before harvest would probably benefit the inner buds. Some slight pruning and big-leafing of the bigger lines could help. The smallest and most compact lines need no labor other than maybe big-leafing.

This field was harvested and wet shucked for extract material over 3 ~7 hr days by a crew of about 15. Shucked buds were stacked on racks and quick dried in 5 days (bye bye terps, but this is all for distillate anyway). ~2300 pounds (~1040 kg) from 1/4 acre (tenth of a hectare).


Even with distillate, most are now either making sure they keep the terps or reintroducing turpenes back into the concentrate as more and more studies have shown how much of an impact on the experience that the terpenes have.

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Yes. But this is solely for THC distillate. This is a QC grow, all the flower at the end is a byproduct. This is the quickest way to move it; otherwise it gets the mulch and compost treatment. You can still add whole plant essential oils or non-Cannabis derived terps back. Or use the distillate for edibles.

That said, I am a flower smoker. Pens don’t get me high. I’ll dab some live resin and smoke traditional hash occasionally, and that’s about it for me extract wise.