New grower, new poster, long time toker

Hey what’s up everyone, as the tittle says I’m a New Grower. But I’ve been smoking long enough to know the taste of good cannabis.
I started 2 Double dipped strawberry seeds in Rockwool then transferred to net pots when the tap roots got strong enough. At this point I had been doing my own research struggling to find good information.

I got two seedlings up after dampening off 3 or 4.

My first watering was just plain tap, I don’t dechlorinate. My water runs low on ppm. (130) I put the water just under the Rockwool so the roots would have to reach. Both plants Started yellow, I didn’t notice then I was just happy to have a cannabis plant alive.

Both pictures are after I came back from a visit to a cabin up north for 4 days. Very yellow.
I continued as I was feed the plants a very low amount of NPK.

Eventually I learned what ppm of each element the cannabis needed. I calculated how much of each element was in my nutrients and feed accordingly.

We are here 35 days later, and I’m going to switch to flower tomorrow. I’ve gotta say my favorite part of all this so far has been the canopy training. I topped the plant on the right and the left was not.


Welcome to OG. The plants look great. Nice recovery from the earlier issue.


Less nutrition is better than too much, they bounce back so fast, looks great.


Welcome to OG! Your plants look great


Thank you! Appreciate the kind words!


Thanks! Yeah, these girls have been patient with me.


Welcome to OG. Plants are looking very nice


Welcome. Looking very nice.


Hey welcome to OG! Plants are looking great! Overall though I’ll second the less is more approach on feeding, especially in deep water culture. Don’t listen to the nutrient company charts, just cut that straight in half! My first DWC run was a painful rollercoaster ride till I knocked the feed away back.


:joy: :hugs: This is how it always starts… :+1:

You’ve made a quick recovery & that’s more than I can claim but was absolutely in the same situation as the thread title. The welcoming committee already got to you :wink: but nice job.



Thank you! Today’s starts my first day of flower!


Good luck if you made it this far your doing better then most new bees
Plants look great :+1:



Congrats on the first! I’m 3 seasons in and still learning a ton. Got one in a box I need to finish up then I’m switching the box over to a hydro setup for the first time. Always something new and exciting!


Well the one I’ve been struggling with defs is doing ok, I can tell she hasn’t fully recovered. Woke up to more rust spots. Thinking I should rinse the top roots with ph’d 6 water since I had it so low not allowing that magnesium intake.


I’m using the Lucas at 5/10 for veg 8/16 for flower. Is that to much you think?


Bizarrely, I have never personally run the Lucas formula so I’m not the guy to answer that one I’m afraid. Always been meaning to try it one day but just haven’t gotten around to it.

I run a bottled nutrient line from a Canadian company called Green Planet. It’s their 3 part GP3 line, plus additives. I really like it and I’ve had plenty of delicious results, but my first run in DWC I really struggled with learning a new style of growing and reading the plants correctly. Didn’t help that I’d been outta the game for over 15 years, had to put my training wheels back on!

The thing is I thought I was starting out pretty conservatively by running them at half strength. I just didn’t have any idea at the time how truly efficient uptake can be on a deep water system. With the roots in the nutes the whole time they just suck the food up like a pig at a trough, and before I knew it I was burning them pretty bad.

Of course, out of practice and alone, I totally misread the signs as a defficiency and upped the feed like an idiot. Yep, made it worse.

It’s a bit of a read but I went off on this a while back in my grow thread…

About halfway through that long ass post, after this…

That’s about my whole take on it if you want, but I’m sure somebody around here that has experience with Lucas will chime in.

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Training is my favorite part as well. Looks like you did a really good job🤘


Guys I need some help! I think it’s a mag/cal def. new growth is able to use nitrogen that’s available.
My ph was at 5 for a week raised it to 5.8 now and didn’t add any extra cal/mag just Incase that would cause lockouts.

Oh and sorry for the finger I work on machines so my hands get cut up.


You are probably seeing the effects from the pH being at 5. That damage won’t recover, keep an eye on new growth. I suggest a little LITFA.


Looking great so far! Seems like you will be a natural to me. Good luck on your new adventure