Newbs here, 1st post. Read plz.

Heyyy Everyone.

I’m CADMAN, yup another freaking Canadain hahah, I’m roughly in South east Ontario…

I was reccomend to sign up here, so I did.
Only hours ago I heard about Sebring and the kind of love this person gives to the community (awesome) … sent him a message though the website to find out how I can help contribute in general.

Actually this is what got me to sign up, A bunch of people interested in preserving old Genitics, crossing new and helping out eachother when needed.

I’m interested in sharing ideas, grows, and contribute to the community…

No idea where the into page is supposed to go, so mods? Please move this if necessary…

I’ve got some Genetics I’d like to swap, trade with anyone who’s interested (I dont expect to receive without giving also) I’ve done this many times on another fourm, but I heard its encouraged here instead of being supressed.

I’m not a “breeder” more like one in the making, I like to take my time, do things right and ensure the efforts are worth it. So creating quality Genitics that worth growing or preserving Is highly important…

Genitics willing to trade, swap, barter with;

Sativa Dominant: Breeder = Me.
50x Kosher Daddy Regular
5x Grapefruit S1 Auto Fem

Landrace Regular: Various sources.
1x Swazi “Africa”
5x Kumaoni “Himalayan”
5x Manipuri “Northeast India”


Welcome to Overgrow fellow cannabis forum noob! I’m just getting my feet wet learning about landraces, but it’s really interesting and preserving genetics is important. There are so many important strains that are the foundation of the cannabis we have today that are in danger of being hybridized until they are no longer recognizable. Anyways, welcome to the community!


Nice to meet you Cadman,always nice to meet another canuck and ontario grower.Parked in T.O here lol

If you click the 3 bars at the top right it brings up the layout go down to trading post and click on it.Will not take you long to find trading partners.Be active ,start a grow thread and when folks see your solid trades and freebies start rolling in…

Nice selection you have there…What you want for the 5 auto fem grapefruit…be willing to trade you 5 of Sebrings MWCB and 5 Shishkaberry both are fem photo periods as soon as they get here…Currently have his f4 MWCB 33days into flower now.

We also have a seed co-op that people donate strains that need preserving,others volunteer to do the seed runs and then all who signed up get seeds.You need to get to level 2 trust to access co-op


welcome to the forums @CADMAN

intro thread is over here Introduce Yourself @OG

but ^^^^ is good enough in my books, will take some posts to build up your access but once you do post up a grow journal to share what you got going on.


Welcome Cadman. I am one province over to the west. Lots of great peeps here.
Some nice strains you got. I will have to do some searching on those.


Welcome aboard! You’ll find lots of interest in landrace genetics here, trades, offers and requests shouldn’t take long. There are many Canadian members here, so shipping and trading shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.


Welcome to OG. From another Canadian lol


Thanks all for making me feel welcome.


Welcome brotha!!! Thought you might be interested in these. Just sign up as I’ll be shipping over the next week or two.


Hi and that’s awesome. how do I sign up?
Any info on the spotted lime? Sounds cool actually.

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How do I quote your message?

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Lemme know if you want me to add you my friend.

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Yes please. Thanks bro

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No problemo my man.

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It’s like copy and paste, but there’s a quote option when you highlight the section you want.

Welcome to OG! @CADMAN sounds like you will fit in nicely


Hey @CADMAN Welcome to Over Grow!!

Another fine member for the Canuck Brigade… :sunglasses: :+1:


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Welcome from down south in Prohibitionland USA. Great place to be for those that love to make and distribute seeds. Also a great place that’s free from a lot of the drama that has ruined the other forums.

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Check this topic:


Welcome @CADMAN I’m also a seed lover! Great place to land. Thanks @LemonadeJoe for all ya do bud.