NL #1 MOM & "accomplises"

I first want to thank the people who helped make this possible…respect!

These are all the accomplishes…in here we have clones of NL#1 Gods Bud OG18 Malawi (PKM) NO California Indica I did end up with 2 females not yet cloned they are in flower…they will be cloned!

This is very nice clone of Malawi. It roots super easy…clones like a breeze. Matured quick also…like alternating nodes. Quickest to root with no hormones NL on the other hand is a cunt to root…takes forever!

Here is my pride and joy…my NL #1 from Sensi Seeds. Her and I get along well. She is an easy plant to grow very forgiving. Next to NO ODOR yet just faint wisps (new words to describe her). I think I’ll keep her around!

A clone of Malawi…I still have maybe 20 beans of her still plus a few seeds on the way that i bred.

I’ll upload shots from the flower room…nothing really exciting in there yet…I think you’ll like it thou!:slight_smile:

AGAIN I want to say THANK YOU to all the people here who helped me here…with everything from advice to beans I appericate it all…even when Im really high and rambling! haha


Always like to see those babies, specially knowing what will they become Pirata|nullxnull , nice job so far … beer3|nullxnull


I just decided fk it…Im way to old to care and i live in a country like Canada…SOG it is and by the way thanks for the reply. I need a taller cloner BIGGER so my clones start a little larger…got 3 in soil now. Took 10 days for them to root…I can not wait to do a run of Malwai!

That strain has me exited with comments like this…DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY…is that a challenge?