On this quest. I need some help with finding this

Greetings everyone. I’m on a quest to find this plant that my father was so fond of. I’m looking for Williams Wonder and crosses there of. If any of you kind souls can help me that would be greatly appreciated. I’m willing to donate, trade, pay for this. This is something that my father would not stop talking about. I have found some crosses from strays mindset on Instagram not a finished project as of yet. So if anyone can help that would be great. Blessings to you all and have a great day.




strayfox is almost done working on a Williams Wonder bx. He’s about as legit as they get. I’d wait a month or 2 till his drop. Check his ig account just posted about the ww.


Thanks for the info. I have been checking him out and I definitely will be getting them. I appreciate your help.

Thanks for the info. They seem pretty legit. Thanks for your input.

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Here is the Williams Wonder from The Vault also. From Sick Meds.

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Does anyone have a bodhi line called temple?? That they may be willing to trade or take cash for???

I think stray also has a ww cross avalible now also

I NEED WILLIAMS WONDER NOW!!! M31 SSSC. Someone help!! I’m just having a moment.

Lmao…stray has ww×bubba, and ww×sleeping iraqi… now glg

Wondering how you made out with the quest ? I was listening to the potcast with “always be flowering” I do believe that I would look to him is he may still have his blue dream x WW ,sounded like he got some impressive results, would love to see a grow of those

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I have a ww bx and wwF4 so I’m on the right track. I also have some ww outcrosses. So I should be able to find something similar to the original selections. Idk. Blessings