OTUG's Outdoor Odyssey!

Hello ladies and gentleman of OG. Welcome to OTUG’s outdoor grow! Thank you for deciding to join me on this journey, one you and I will not soon forget!! At least until the plants are harvested and buds consumed :laughing:

I’ll try to update as often as I can.

Hope you enjoy the show! :grin:

The strong winds over the weekend tore up the fans pretty bad.

They did well though and are starting to recover.

Thanks for stopping by :grinning: come back again soon.

The Odyssey has only just begun!!


Damn that’s one hell of a selection you got going! I’ll pull up a chair and try to block a little of that wind!


You have some serious deliciousness happening here my friend!


That’s what? 13? Great choices too!

Well I better pull up a chair and watch this fun! :sunglasses: :+1:



Thanks @Slick1 I appreciate the hype! Block that wind bro :muscle: !! There’s sure to be some rough seas ahead of us too…feel free to add in some laughs when needed. They will be needed :laughing:

@Yetigrows Thank you, your taste is 2nd to none! I can only hope mine are as delicious as the ones in your garden this year! I would be kicked off this ship if I failed to tell everyone how awesome you are for sending me some of those kick-ass autos from the auction you won. Your graciousness is appreciated and the impression is heart-felt :grin:

Much appreciation @Gpaw :pray: Yes, 13 plants, good eye :wink: I do have room for one more. My wife insists I’ve already taken up enough of the yard, but I think I’ll be able to squeeze in 1 more without her noticing :rofl: Gotta max that limit lol. Only trouble is choosing…hmm maybe you could help me out? I have a couple Hellfire OG I got from @DougDawson some Blue Cookies From @BigMike55 and a few Washing Machine from @Yetigrows all goin right now.

What do you all think?


Your call but I would love to see that hellfire grown out. Hope you still got a nice patch of ground picked out for the TK BX3’s. :wink:


Off to a great start! Excited to watch em get big!


Beanhoarder eh ? Nice! I really enjoy smoking the BeanHo congo crosses I grew.

Pulling up a chair…


I was leaning towards the Hellfire too @DougDawson , although I’m sure all 3 strains will be some high quality buddage and will eventually be flowered out either way indoors.

No worries on the TK’s, they’ll have all the room they need indoors :grin: plus I can’t have all that pollen flyin around, that is unless I want it to :wink:


Thanks @Greasy me too!! I wonder how big they will be?? This is the biggest I’ve put in the ground this early (I don’t think my wife has any idea how big they’re going to get!!)


Tough call:

  • a lemon diesel 10 week Sativa
  • a GSC x Blueberry Indica
  • 9 week cheese x Bubba Kush

For an outdoor grow, I’m definitely leaning for the Hellfire OG:sunglasses: :+1:
…but that might be a BIG girl :heart_eyes:
(indoor I’d go Washing Machine)



Thanks for coming aboard the Odyssey @smokenhike :grinning:

Glad you like the selection. BeanHoarder definitely has some interesting stuff. I’m actually flowering her sister from the pack inside right now. Smells of straight leather and earth, with almost a turmeric-like funk. I love it. Starting to stack nicely. Hope it finishes in time or close enough ( the one outside )


For sure, glad I asked for help!!

I’m going to lean with you and @DougDawson and send the Hellfire outside this weekend. Hoping for a citrus OG explosion :joy:


LOL, don’t ruin the ‘surprise’ :innocent:



They all look great, have you just put them outside or did you start them in the ground?

The soil looks good, do you have trellises or nets ready for monsters?


As much as I would love to see more of the Blue Cookies run, There are several here growing some. Grow the HELLFIRE OG.


I’m definitely watching this one! Awesome line up OTUG! :smiley: :+1:


I’m going to roll a log up and have a seat. Great strain selection and your plants look stellar. You are going to have lots of fire :fire:. I sure wish I could grow 14 legal in my yard, you’re living the dream


I’ll be watching otug! Your off to a good start, beautiful plants btw!


@Pedro_Bann I’ve been hoping you would stop by, so I could give you a personal thank you. Your great journals and many other awesome members grow logs on here provided some much needed motivation and inspiration to start logging my own journey.

Thank you for the compliment, I just put them all outside in the past 2 weeks. Besides the Bubba x Gelato being from clone, every other plant outside is from seed. Most are regs I hunted through (there were many casualties in the Trojan War, lol), with the only fem seeds being the Forbidden Fruit x Runtz, Hellfire OG (will be headed out soon) and the Bubba x Gelato originally came from a fem seed.

Thanks for the compliment on the soil too, I put my heart into that earth. Would’ve shown the process but I wasn’t sure if everyone wanted to see me shovel shit for weeks :joy: no nets ready, yet. I’m positive they will be needed, bamboo stakes just aren’t going to cut it for this grow lol.

I guess we will find out just how big these legendary sea monsters will get, and if we’ll be able to capture them without them breaking loose!! Gonna need some big ass nets :rofl: and all the help I can get! Stick around, your assistance will surely be needed! :grin: