Outdoor bag seeds.

Every year i grow an outdoor plant or two and every year the outdoor plants produce a couple seeds here and there. While i know this is not from herming. And its mot full blown fertilization as there would be so many more seeds. I asking if anyone knows why these seeds are produced and what the quality of those seeds wood be if grown. With the understanding that the genetics that they came from are really good.

Usually if there’s only a couple, they should be just as good. And possibly fem as well. Naturally produced by the plants will to reproduce.


I don’t have the exact scientific source but I read somewhere that outdoor pollen can spread over an area of 2km, so it’s possible that there’s someone else in your area planting it too.

As you said your plants are not herm but this possible pollen that in the air could be from a herm plant there will be adding hermaphrodite genetics to these new seeds.

another possibility that could happen is rodelization, according to what the @Indoornesian said naturally.


Bet there’s more plants in the area :wink:

Time for Maury…