Outdoor Growing Adventures With Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pigeonman - 2021 WHATWHAT!?

The sun is shining and I am happy to say that the outdoor grow has started! I’m working with 4 different strains, all in the same medium, different size fabric pots, and 2 different training methods.

Three of these plants are clones that were rooted in November of 2020 and maintained in my Mother tent until today. In that time they were topped several times, the roots were cut back once, and there were at least 3 H202 soil treatments. I kept them fed on a minimal solution to slow the growth and am both curious and hopeful that they aren’t stunted. (but if they are then I learn something!)

Why keep 3 plants in veg for so long?
1: I wanted to see what would happen,
2: My last years Gelato’s seed was popped in Jan and the veg treatment gave me just under 1 pound after drying and curing for the 1 plant in a 20 gallon.
3: I had no idea about OG, and had very little genetics available to me… THIS IS NO LONGER A PROBLEM AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR IT! :smiley:
4: To compare the growth of a plant grown from seed using a traditional time-line with these “elders”.

My only hick-up was a surprise battle with thrips which I won but at some cost.

Media: ProMix BX (some re-used from last year, treated with H202 to sterilize it).
Nutrients: Trip Tonic (same I use for my RDWC)
Growing Period: May 24 - Middle of October. :crossed_fingers:
Location: Middle of my yard allowing for full sun from 7am-9pm with a consistent cross wind.

Site 1: Gelato (Clone, growing since Nov 2020), 20 Gallo Pot, Training = LST.

Site 2: Kosher Kush (Clone, growing since Nov 2020), 20 Gallon pot, Training = LST

Site 3: UK Cheese (Clone, growing since Nov 2020), 15 Gallon pot, Training = Tree

Site 4: White Widow x California Orange (Seed, growing since Nov 2020), currently in 5 Gallon pot to be repotted this week into a 20 Gallon pot, Training = LST

(*Big love thrown out to @Foreigner who gifted me his creation of WWxCO beans!)

Beyond the fabulous 4, i’ll probably end up plugging images of the rest of my garden in here throughout the season as I won’t be able to help myself… :laughing:

Thanks for checking in and hope to see y’all back real soon!


Looking good man, curious to see how this goes. I actually have a clone I took in November going outdoor right now, just put in the ground Saturday. It’s actually doing pretty well.

Bubba x Gelato


Your’s looks so much happier than mine! I kept them in a 1 gallon pot and kept trimming. They were super tiny bushes before the thrips attack. How big of a pot was yours before you got it into the ground?


Thanks bro, I had it in a 3 gal soft pot. It’s the only one outdoor from clone, the rest I have outside are from seed, different strains. Started the seed ones between early January and a few in March. Gonna be a jungle for sure, probably the biggest ones I’ve ever done (hopefully), definitely some of the biggest I’ve ever thrown in the ground this early that’s for sure.


The veg patches and the potted plants are very happy for their season’s start outdoors. We’re hoping for rain today and if lucky a loud light show in the sky to accompany it :smiley:

All my larger raised beds are 4’x8’ and my small ones 4’x4’.

Backyard patio with small potted tropicals and 1908 clawfoot tub with water lilies.

Plants include: Bay Laurel, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Guava, Schlumbergera (40 years old bonsai), Black Olive, Key Lime, Plumerias (Green/Blue flowers), Jasmine, Night Blooming Jasmine, Fat Thyme, Crown-of-thorns (White/Red flowers), Hibuscus (Red/Yellow/Orange/Purple), Dwarf Pomegranite (20 year old bonsai), Rose of Sharon, Lettuce Leaf Basil, Sea Onion, Aloe Vera, & Spider Plants.

There is also Mugwort and Roses growing everywhere.

My “grove” of trees… which also happens to be overtop a “lost river” which was buried in the early 1900’s.
(Paw-Paws x3 [in ground], 1x Grapefruit, 1x Meyer Lemon, 1x Date Palm, 1x Makrut Lime

Rhubarb Patch [planted in 1967], Black/Red/White Currants, Green/Pink Gooseberries.

Front: Tomatos (Rodade, Moneymaker & Australian Oxheart), Raspberries (mixed varieties), Tayberry.
Middle: Leafy Greens, herbs & medicinals.
Back: Raspberries (mix varieties)

Front: Gelato/Kosher Kush
Middle: UK Cheese, White Widow x California Orange, Dill weed.
Back: Madder (Used to make natural red dye)

Front: Romanesco Broccoli, Shepherd Peppers, (empty long row for Scarlet Runner Beans)
Middle: Tomatoes (Rodade, Moneymaker & Australian Oxheart)
Back: Collard Greens, Lacinato Kale

Closer View of “Walking Tomatos” and the Kale/Collard Greens with Lemon Balm on the side (I let it seed so I have it wild everywhere and it smells amazing!)

Closer view of the UK Cheese and WWxCO with the Madder in the back 4x4 and our pond. The Stinging Nettle patch for food, tea and twine is the far right, with Red and White Currents on the far left.

Closer view of leafy greens and herbals including Weld, Woad, Valarian, Sweet Grass, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Italian & Curly Parsley & Oregano. The bushy thing is a Tayberry I braided into itself and now I have a prickly berry tree :smiley: . The feral cats hang out under and on the green bench hunting vermin for us.

Collard Greens & Kale. They were not happy with the sudden summer heat but they’ll bounce back.

The Red-Coats are coming! The Red-Coats are coming!1! (*Madder)

150gal pond. Has water lillies, duck weed and Creeping Jenny (floating). The Creeping Jenny will poke upwards out of the water and be covered in yellow flowers.

Our front porch is a Brugmansia grove with mixed varieties including Snowbank, Yellow Flower & Pink Flower. In the summer this is a wash of green with 1ft long flowers you can smell anywhere a house away if you are down wind.

Second year for out Espalier apple tree with 6 varieties of fruit. It needs a trim but I’m only doing it on Summer Solstice to encourage fruit production vs vegetive production. It also needs another wire to support the taller shoots but that’ll also happen when I trim

Thanks for checking in and seeing the literal fruits of my labour to keep sane in an insane world :smiley:


Holy garden pigeonman!

That’s pretty cool that you’re on top of a buried river. Do your roots hit groundwater?

I’m pleased to see the WWXCO is looking good!

I’ve got garden envy :grin: I’m just going to have a few autos on the balcony this year. A much more modest garden than I’d like but such is life.


Got damn that rhubarb is hugatious definitely gonna have a little flower! I’ll be lurking in the rhubarb patch watching intently.


Thanks! If you mean rhubarb flowers i pluck em as i see em to promote veg growth. It finally rained today and they soaked it up so i can start picking, peeling & freezing the stuff. :smiley:


Looking good I will be following along :+1:


Haha just read what I wrote seems I was having two conversations at once a lot of mmj flower and huge rhubarb


Bahahahhaha! Amazing.


Well i’m pleased to report that everything took the surprise temp shift from 30c and no rain to 3c with sleet like champions!

I also finally got the 20gal to re-pot the WWxCO from the temp 5gal.


UK Cheese:


Kosher Kush:

Everyday they all get fed nutrient formula and will be fed throughout. I use the same mix as my RDWC but with a different Ph.

Thanks for checking in and I hope that your endeavours are also coming along well!


Looking good @Pigeonman , they took that beating from the weather this weekend like champs!! Besides a bit of wind burn and torn/shredded fans from being slapped around so much, mine are actually doing quite well too.

Looking forward to watching your plants grow, wish I was your neighbor so I could smell the flowers :grin: and the Cannabis too lol


Thanks @Oldtimerunderground ! I’m glad to hear you plants are doing good as well despite the weather fluctuations. I wish these little tykes had more fan leaves to shred like yours do! :smiley:


I finally did it and made the “Perpetual Green Bean Machine” for summer.

I’ve done this in the past with old downspout but wanted a better version. Will be installing a 400gph pump and check valve with 3/4" tubing.

I start the beans in jiffy pods in 2" net pots and then toss em into these each row 2 weeks apart. If any herbs come to mind and are in the same ppm level as the beans i’ll probrably jump on that opportunity.

Now all i need is a pile of small cups to act as corks for when a row is empty.

You don’t need a lot to get a lot done:

And then assemble:

7x 2" net pots at 6" apart will make for good eatin’.



Hell yeah always wanted to do this with food crops looks great and I love the you don’t need a lot to do a lot. I can use a little of that there kind of thinking


Nice garden my friend! That’s a cool PVC planter idea too! I need a real garden. Couple days ago my kid looks at me in the store…"more dirt? Dad, what are you doing with all this dirt? Sorry we’re not taking questions right now.




It’s too powerful. It’s more lettuce than one man can handle :rofl:

It looks awesome. I considered a smaller version of this for indoors but never got around to it.

Very cool stuff.


That is a nice PVC NFT setup you made, nice work. Makes me want to do the same with some spare PVC I have kickin around. Thing about projects is I finish one, and there’s 10 more waiting to be started. Not to mention the ones the wife throws at me, lol.