PFFs Little Black Book

Ladies I’ve grown, known and smoked. This thread is an homage to the plants that made it through my garden, and some notes on yields, how it smokes, how I liked it, and anything in general I want to remember for the future.

First up, we’ve got a Mephisto Ewok OG finishing up:

She’s been stalled for about a week and the trichomes are right at my liking, just starting to see ambers popping up on the lower bud sites, about 10 - 15%.

Considering the horrible things I put her through, I’m happy with how she looks. She was grown in a 5G bucket attached to a 20-something gallon reservoir. I did a terrible job of feeding them and keeping the pH stable, and the other 3 plants grown in the same reservoir look like shit. Very impressed with how it grew, and I’m excited to try it again once I get a few more grows under my belt.


Doesn’t look terrible and I’ve certainly seen much worse. Hope things go a little smoother on the next round for you


Practice makes perfect my freind.


Thanks y’all, appreciate it!

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