PGTs road to self sufficiency

Can I ask how much water you give/how deep you go? Im mortified of overwatering.

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I’ll answer in old-Ron’s stead. Apparently he is addicted to growing equipment now. He is driving to get a light to go with his new tent. :joy::joy::joy:

Ive always sprouted in a paper towel. I’m kind of a brutely fellow, I just grab it by the seed part, then bury it in the hole. I soak the soil then leave it alone until it starts to get light. Yup, water it once and leave it alone.

You would be surprised how much the roots will find water. It should pop up in a couple or 3 days. The roots should find water and be good.


Haha! Dont blame him one bit. Cant wait to see it Ron!

Ahh. I just hate dealing with picking them up. They were so difficult to deal with getting off the paper towel. I think there may have also been too much water. We will see what happens. Going to pop a couple more if they dont show up after being sausage fingered everywhere lol. Just need a good dose of LIFTA right? :joy:


You should squeeze most of the water out of the paper towel. OK… How I do it…

The paper towels are the half original paper towel. Size, right? Get it wet, squeeze it out. Fold it hamburger style, then in half again. Put the seeds in the middle, inside a sandwich size baggie. I seal both ends towards the middle and blow a little air in, like a tiny greenhouse. I sit it in my bay window. I check it morning and evening. It’s always worked pretty well.


Really only made sure there was no standing water. This time they germed faster and got longer tails than last time. Maybe Ill do a paper towel for 24 hrs and get my wife to plant them. She usually does the stuff that requires careful/steady hands.


Wives can be super helpful in the growing process. Let them help find a strain they enjoy. It will help, trust me.

@Old-Ron. Didn’t you have a different method of watering seedlings?

You may have to mist them some depending on your soil mix. Mine is based on Clackamas coots. I use perlite for aeration.


She has been beyond helpful. She doesnt smoke but knows its medicine for me.

Im using Promix seed starter with about 25% Perlite. Ive been trying to add about 25% by volume to everything.


I’m no promix pro, yo. Ha!

May be best to ask someone who is. My seed mix is 1/3 ewc, compost, perlite.


I use a small spray bottle to water my seeds and seedlings.

I spray the soil twice a day before they sprout and the same after they do. Only 3 to 4 squirts. I only refill the bottle every 3 days or so depending on how many i have.

I am starting to like starting them in the soil more then any other way.


Here is what I picked up. 2 x 4 x 5 tent and a 240 watt led.

My grow room now.


That spray bottle is pretty genius. Easily makes sure you dont over water. The tent looks nice too! What are you going to use it for?


Seems like one of the cotyledons for the bubbas pupil has already broken out after being planted 7 hrs ago. Moving quick lol.


He’s just trying to make everyone jealous once he crams 15 tents in there! Jk!

Watch out though, he is a bad influence. He has several of us looking for used equipment on Craigslist. :wink:

That’s pretty fast for a seed to pop up for sure.


7 hours damn fast. You are off and running quickly.

The seedlings I did this time I am experimenting with. I put Mykos in the seed hole in half of them. I want to see what effect, if any, it has on the plant from seed.

Pay no mind to @Badger he is just salty because he has not found as good of a deal yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am going to use the 2 x 4 tent to start the seeds and for seedlings. The 4 x 4 will be for autos, veg and mothers. The 4 x 8 is the flower tent. Of course plans change on the fly. I originally was only going to grow outside in the summer.

I blame @ReikoX. He has that nice grow room we are all enviuos over…lol. Just reading his construction updates makes me tired. Glad he shared the soil recipe with me. Made life a little easier. :blush:


Better watch out. Instead of collecting tents he may have the whole basement converted. Haha


I prefer not to be on the 6 o’clock news…lol. 2,100 square foot grow space may be a bit too much. Maybe? :thinking::rofl::rofl:


Really interested in that experiment. Will you be posting it to your diary @Old-Ron ? I sprinkled great white in the seedling holes. This will be the first time Ive used it for seedlings.


I will add them to one of the journals I have going. I will be watching yours to see how it does for you too. Always wanting to learn.

I enjoy experimenting with stuff. Anything to make me a better grower. Also cut some of the time tending to them…lol


Damn dude is that three tents I see in there ? Wish I had that type of room!


Thats bigger than my whole house. :rofl: