Playing in the Dirt

When I first started growing in 2002, I learned everything I knew from I was overwhelmed by all the info and possibilities, but settled on following @BogSeeds’ growing methods. As such, I grew indoors and in soil with tremendous success. In time, I moved into a new home with well water and growing in soil wasn’t working for me. By this time, Overgrow went dark, so I was on my own to find a solution for my growing challenges. Cut to the chase, I ended up going hydro and eventually dialed in a very successful setup.

In 2015, I stopped growing and got rid of all my stuff, but earlier this year, I decided to start up again. With Overgrow back online and more personal knowledge to pull from, I opted to go back to my “roots” and start playing in the soil again (though I still might eventually migrate to hydro).

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to have a few fellow members hook me up with some beans to help me get back into growing. I won’t name them, but this thread is intended to show my progress with some of these beans.

The first batch I got were from one OG member, who sent me 4 strains. They are:

A - Afghani Lowland x Dakini Kush (Fem) / 1
B - Aborigine x Sunshine Daydream / 3
C - Jungle Spice #6 / 2
D - Black Domina #2 x Jungle Spice / 3

All 4 strains are shown here:

These plants have been in veg for about 2 months. As you can see, there’s some uneven growth and stretching / leaning plants. This is partially due to the fact that until a few days ago, all 9 of these plants were in a 5’x2’ closet. Needless to say, they were not happy to be stuck in such tight quarters, but I suspect they’ll be OK.

Although they’re all about 2 months into veg, only one of them has definitively shown her sex, and it’s not the Afghani Lowland x Dakini Kush, which I was told were Femmed seeds. It’s one of the Aborigine x Sunshine Daydreams, which I’m definitely excited about! But I’ve waited long enough and plan to switch them to 12/12 in the next couple of days.

The room they’re in now is actually my flowering room. To give you an idea of the size of these plants, the horizontal PVC pipe you see in the back is a little over 48" from the ground, so I’m guessing these plants are gonna get pretty big.

I guess that’s about all I have to say at this point. I think the next update of any consequence will be on the sex reveal of the other 8 plants.

BTW: After I took the photo that I posted above, I changed the setting on my camera to take smaller pics. I’ve never used the setting I changed it to, but in no uncertain terms - it’s not one I’ll be using again. Check out the cartoon characters it turned my plants into:

Yeah, that’s a fail!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looking good so far! I kinda like the cartoon plants lol


That’s kinda awesome! lmfao. Minecraft Gardens.

The more I look at it the better it gets! :joy:


You could sell those “cartoon” pictures to a company that makes placemats (for the dinner table) or whatever… they look very artistic in a fresh way…
Nicely done grow.



OK, so I posted the first few pics in June of 2019 - and needless to say - lots has happened since.

Firstly, of the 9 plants that I started with, 5 ended up being female, and one of those showed her hermie traits about 5 weeks into 12/12, so “she” was removed - and it was the femmed Afghani Lowland x Dakini Kush. The females that I was able to harvest were:

Aborigine x Sunshine Daydream / 1 plant
Jungle Spice #6 / 1 plant
Black Domina #2 x Jungle Spice / 2 plants

Here are some pics taken late into 12/12

Aborigine x Sunshine Daydream

Yeah, she’s a monster. In fact, this is one of the biggest plants that I’ve ever grown.
Aborigine x Sunshine Daydream :point_right: 288 grams / 10.28 oz

Jungle Spice #6

Jungle Spice #6 :point_right: 55 grams / 1.96 oz

Black Domina #2 x Jungle Spice
Plant 1

Black Domina #2 x Jungle Spice :point_right: 75 grams / 2.68 oz

Plant 2

Black Domina #2 x Jungle Spice :point_right: 68 grams / 2.42 oz

So that’s what I got from my first grow in several years. Not great - but not too bad. A little over 17.25 oz’s.

The next grow, which I started only about 2 weeks after starting the previous one (above), was made possible thanks to the generosity of another OG member. I’m not naming anyone who hooked me up with beans for obvious reasons, but EACH OF YOU know who you are - and I am truly and sincerely grateful to you.

This grow consisted of 3 or 4 California Cannons. I forget exactly how many I had - maybe 3 or 4, but here are a few pics:

California Cannon

California Cannon :point_right: 455 grams / 16.25 oz. Again, this was 3 or 4 plants…

My 3rd grow was, yet again, made possible from 2 more OG members. One of them reached out to me and offered me some beans of a very nice strain - Bodhi Sunshine 4 from Great Lakes, which is Chem 4 x Sunshine Daydream. The other OG member hooked me up with Mendo Lights (Mendo Diesel x Blue Lights) after picking me from a list of people from a thread he started to give away some beans. While the ladies from that grow were stretching their legs and fattening up in the flowering room, I got thrown a nasty curveball - MY WELL PUMP FAILED!

For those that have well water, I hope you never have to deal with this. For those who are unfamiliar - to get well water into your home, there’s a big pump sitting deep underground (several hundred feet in my case) pulling water into a tank in the house. This is not an easy or inexpensive thing to replace, so a specialist needs to be called out to do the job. For me, this meant I had to have a couple of guys in 2 separate parts of my basement (one part for the electrical work, the other for the plumbing work associated with replacing the pump). This forced me to completely tear down my grow room and relocate all my plants into a separate room upstairs. Oh, and this happened the day before Thanksgiving.

So here are a few pics of the Sunshine 4 and Mendo Lights in their temporary room - which is a spare bedroom that I (mostly) emptied and sealed up to get them through their ordeal. Those extra plants you see are from my 4th grow, which I’ll get to next.

BTW - some of these plants were over 6 feet tall! The stretching that the Mendo Lights did was shocking. Obviously, they are the plants in the far right corner.

(2) Mendo Lights, (3) Sunshine 4 (and others that I will detail next)

:point_right: Mendo Lights (2 plants): 435 grams / 15.5 oz
:point_right: Sunshine 4 (3 plants): 196 grams / 7 oz

Here are a few pics of the Mendo Lights buds:

So this is where I show a couple of shots of my rebuilt flowering room. It doesn’t show everything, such as the ventilation, but it gives you an idea. Pretty much the same as it was before, but with a few tweaks.

So that’s it for this update. Next, I will post an update on the grow I just finished, which included:
Princess Haze by Grimm Bros.
Thai x Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
Blue Dream


Nice haul what was your total flower time on her 10 plus zips nothing to complain about there.


Thanks, @ShiskaberrySavior. Flowering time was pretty close to 90 days - but keep in mind - these are from seed. Most of the plants from this grow didn’t show their sex while in the veg room.


Nice grows man. That Aborigine yields very well, so I’m not surprised. How is/was the smoke?


Ha ha…well, no one complained! :+1:



OK, as I teased in my last “update” post, this update shows the results of my last batch of beans that were generously offered to me from a fellow OG member. This particular member allowed me to pick 4 strains from a list of many more. FOUR STRAINS!! And he was very helpful in guiding me towards my choices based on my personal preferences and objectives. Having gone back and reviewed the list of beans that I had to pick from, I am thrilled with my choices and wouldn’t make different choices today.

So THIS grow, my 4th and biggest (based on seeds started, females available and final tally), started off with 16 babies. Of those, 7 were female (I took a clone from one of them and that clone made into this grow. This is the list:

Blue Dream - 3 plants
Princess Haze (Grimm Bro’s) - 2 plants (one of which was cloned and grown along with mommy)
Thai x Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg - 1 plant
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme - 1 plant

I don’t have pics showing the individual plants, so here’s a bunch of pics showing some of the buds, plus the results from each…

Blue Dream - plant 1

Blue Dream - plant 1 :point_right: 130 grams / 4.6 oz

Blue Dream - plant 2

Blue Dream - plant 2 :point_right: 133 grams / 4.75 oz

Blue Dream - plant 3 (Sorry, no pics) :point_right: 121 grams / 4.3 oz

Princess Haze - plant 1

Princess Haze - plant 1 :point_right: 97 grams / 3.46 oz

Princess Haze - plant 2*A**
*(labelled as “3” because plant 2 was male)
**(labelled as “A” because I took a clone from her while still in veg and put the clone (“B”) in 12/12 at the same time)

Princess Haze - plant 2A :point_right: 109 grams / 3.9 oz
Princess Haze - plant 2B (Sorry, no pics) :point_right: 52 grams / 1.86 oz

Before I continue, I want to go back to the last few pics of the Princess Haze plant 1 I posted. Do you see that clear liquid looking stuff? Well, I noticed several similar areas on that same plant as I was trimming it. I couldn’t help myself and just had to taste it. It was very thick and pretty darn sweet. In fact, what you see on that bud is only the remnants of what was originally there - I consumed the rest! So what the hell is it? :thinking:

Thai x Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg

Thai x Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg :point_right: 91 grams / 3.25 oz

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme :point_right: 75 grams / 2.68 oz

And there you have it. Of the last 4 strains, I’m most thrilled about the GSCE. Yes, I know it’s not the biggest, but it is the most overwhelmingly impressive producer of trichomes, likely an extremely high THC/THCA number, and definitely the easiest to trim. On top of that, the trichomes spill way out onto the leaves, so the trim that’s closest to the buds will help make some powerful RSO. I’m still trying to figure out the best growing method in my current setup, so the production will only go up (I hope!).


Here’s another update to my garden…

Although this thread is labeled “Playing in the Dirt”, I actually start my clones and do most of my veg stage using hydro/aeroponics. I’ve tried all types of methods to start my clones, but I get 100% success rates from my simple setup.

Here’s my first stage…

I usually take small cuttings, so I’m able to cram 15 of them into the lid of this 5 gallon bucket. I have a small pump and EZ Clone style sprayer and use the 3 part GH Flora series nutes with a little RapidStart. Oh, and I dip the cuttings into Clonex before they get introduced to the bucket. I use a translucent cake/pie cover to keep the brighter lights off the delicate cuttings.

The cuttings you see in that bucket were 10 days old and included many that were taken from plants that were several to many weeks into 12/12. The one you see at the 3:00 location is a Mendo Lights that was about 50 days into flowering! I took it because I noticed traits in that plant that gave me reason to question if I selected the right Mendo Lights plant to keep in my perpetual rotation. So I will grow her out again next to her sister and see if I can figure out which one I want to commit to.

After the cutting are well established, I put them in a much larger version of my bucket.

It’s made from 2 50 gallon Sterlite totes, a 400 GPH pump and a much larger sprayer that I made from 1/2 inch tubing, 1/2 inch fittings and a bunch of 360 degree spray nozzles. I continue with the 3 part GH Flora series.

As you can see, some of those established clones are funky looking. Of course, this is due to me taking them from plants that were several weeks into 12/12, but they start to normalize before I transfer them into flowering.

Here’s are those same plants 3 weeks after the previous photo:

And here they are that same day, but after putting them into dirt and trimming them up a bit.

I’ll let them get over the shock of the transfer to soil, then get them started into flowering. Stay tuned!



All those beautiful flowers man !! Your garden is Lovely and your work is insane!!

Keep up the Good work brother :v::v::v:


Wow - THANKS @Swe-can! :blush:


I’d reconsider going back to the dark side to … many magical potions and what not​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:glad to have ya here in OG again if any question fire away plenty of peeps producing great buds on both sides .


I’ve posted dried budshots of these strains, but not while they were still alive. So…

Mendo Lights (from @deep_rob of Deep Ellum Seed Company)

BTW - these were taken on her last day under the lights

And here is a Princess Haze (from Grimm Bro’s)

And now, my favorite: Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. She produces the most dense buds I’ve ever grown, and the trichome coverage is insane! It’s crazy how far out onto the leaves the trichomes reach.


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glad to see another tomato ring user too…



Princess Haze by Brothers Grimm Seeds

I’m growing 3 different plants of Princess Haze so I can determine which is the best one for my perpetual rotation. This one is PH3.

The breeder, Brothers Grimm, recommends a flowering time of 59 to 63 days.

Here she is on day 63:

I don’t think she was ready on day 63 - do you?

So here she is on day 83:

Triche’s don’t lie…Yeah, she was ready. She was practically begging for it!

This particular pheno has a strong pine aroma with a hint of blueberry (or is it grape?).


What a beauty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


lol - thanks @Swe-can! :blush: Glad you think so, too!

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Here’s another Girl Scouts Cookies Extreme; this time, on day 47. She can take up to 75 days or so to finish, so she’s just now getting ready to fatten up, but don’t be fooled by the size of her buds. Although they won’t get super fat or long, they are - by FAR - the most dense, rock hard buds that I’ve ever grown.

And here’s another Blue Dream - also on day 47. She’s already getting fat!