Poca’s 2022 organic outdoor grow

Getting a late start on journaling any of my grows. This year we have got some fire outside. We’ve got Durban Poison from Todd McCormick and Mel Frank. She is in a 35 gallon pot.

We also have Horchata which is the Compund Breeders cut, she is in a 30 gallon grow bag

And the third plant I wanted to show is Burnout Chem from Duke Diamond. She is double stacked in about 25 gallons of soil.

Yesterday, I staked and spread all these lovely ladies out as they are starting to flower.

We also have Kush mints - Rabid hippie cut, Tahoe OG, Hippy Slayer, RS-11, and supposedly 60s RKS.

In the other garden we have White truffle going in a 100 gallon pot, mass super skunk x shiva shanti, cheetah piss, La Kush cakes, Gary Payton x Runtz and bunch of Horchata and Chem 91 crosses I made earlier this year.


Your gonna end up with trees. I’ve got 3 under the uk sun in 10 litre pots and they are 7ft tall. Good luck with the grow. :+1:


The OG 18 x Chem 91 crosses are crushing it. Of the 6 mass super skunk x shiva shanti, it appears we have 4 females. All the horchata fem crosses I made last year are showing no signs of herm traits….we are rollin this year!

I made a few crosses earlier this spring and they have been performing, even with the late start…they are looking promising. First up is Horchata x Kush Mints

The last picture here is Horchata x White Truffle

Can’t wait to see these in flower.


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