ReikoX's Workshop 2022

For fun, here is a comparison of last run vs this run on the same day. Think I’m doing better this round

Solo’s Stash, day 26F.

Dominion Diesel, day 26F.


The middle and right beds look great at day 22F. They have nice healthy growth, and are starting to stack some buds. At different times I’ve gotten whifs of BBQ sauce, paint thinner, and dank weed in the lung room (through the carbon filter). There will be no shortage of hash this round.

The left bed is still struggling, however. I recently fixed a heat and PPFD level issue. That seemed to slow the progress, but not really solve it. I have also considered nutrition, airflow, and root zone temperature.

As far as nutrition, all three beds have been fed the same, and were amended at the beginning of the cycle based on a soil test. I’ve also been giving them soy aminos, humic acids, microbes, trace minerals, and some FPJ/FFJ every 7-10 days. They are due for their next feed tomorrow.

As far as airflow, I got a second fan for the opposite corner and another controller for both fans. I disconnected the blumats on right bed and pulled it out. I got the second fan mounted in the opposite corner, and hooked both fans up to the second controller. I setup the controller to cycle 45 min on, 15 min off.

I did all this at lights out with a red headlamp. I will need to bleed the blumats and make sure they didn’t get messed up with me moving the beds around when the lights come on.

As far as root zone temperatures, the wall next to the left bed is an exterior wall in the basement. So I grabbed my IR thermometer. The right bed/soil surface was about 72°F, middle bed was 70°F, left bed was 65°F. That back wall was 58°F. That was lights out temps, so ambient was about 68-70°F. I’ll check lights on temps tomorrow morning.


You can see in the comparison pics of both Solo Stash, and Dominion Diesel, that the left bed is a little behind the other two. Amazing to see 5 degrees cooler soil temp, and 20% overexposure consistently leading to diminished results. Makes me want to check and calibrate my light levels and not just crank it up to 11!

I hope the new fan and wattage adjustment lead to a quick turnaround! Though, for the record, I would be super happy with the results of your left (lower performing) bed!

Keep rocking it!

Happy Holiday season to you and the fam!



Thanks, the plants will definitely make it to the finish line. I will likely make it all into hash anyways. It doesn’t have to be pretty.


Looking mega as usual my friend. Nice to see your playing with photos for once. Can’t wait to see what you do with these. :v:


Is the exterior wall at the narrow side of all the beds, or the long side of the left bed?

And, did you take separate soil samples from each bed?

I’ve had plants look like the lefties that had cold feet, and/or were rootbound… but I doubt the roots could be bound in the bed. Seemed like the cold messed with the pH, but IDK!

The others look extra nice :slight_smile:


Yes it’s the long side of the left bed. @Mr.Sparkle suggested some isulating foam. I will put a piece up next run.

There are two different plants in that bed, compared to one in each of the others. But still at 30-gallons, they should have room for both.


I bet that helps a lot! Might be useful to furr it off the wall a bit for a sort of extra thermal break?


Here is the second fan installed. Right bed looks the best so far. :grin:


Jungle is looking good .


Doesnt YOUR right side always perform better???


A veritable Jungle - lovely jubbly

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Happy Christmas ReikoX, and everyone else, I hope you have an amazing time and may the force be with you :+1:


Dominion Diesel at day 38F. They’ve been ignored a bit the last week due to the holidays.

My mothers are getting a bit overgrown. Due for a trimming soon.

The Dominion Diesel crosses are done, I’m just letting them dry on the vine before I shuck the seeds.

Zak Haze S1 at day 14F. Had to raise the lights a few inches.


Wow! Dense bushes!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :100: :eyes:

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Never works for :tomato:s!!!


Looking fantastic @ReikoX !

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What did you cross the DD to? Looks like you may have made up to 4 crosses?


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Two are Grass Fire OG x DD, the other two are Solo’s Stash x DD.


ouch. :sweat_smile: :sun_with_face:

the dry cups… :salt: :desert:

better luck next time :hugs:


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