Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi f2 Apollo 13 x Apollo 11

Here we grow again!

Strain: Apollo 13 x Apollo 11
Donator: 50State
Breeder: SCJedi

:loud_sound::warning:How this works is :loud_sound::warning:

You sign yourself up by clicking the triple dot symbol.
then clicking the pencil symbol
An edit window should appear at the bottom of your screen that you can use to edit this post. Add your username where it goes in alphabetical order under the category it goes under, either ADDRESS ON FILE or ADD/SEND LIST.

Donor sends seeds to breeder OR breeder has the seeds already for the project
Breeder grows the plants and documents it in the assigned thread
Those interested puts their name on the list for the breeder and distributor to go off of (How many packs needed)
Receiver ensures their safe address is on file through pm
Breeder harvests the seeds, dries them out and sends them to each distributor
Distributor reaches out to everyone in their area to arrange postage and delivery
Distributor sends out the seeds and gives receiver an estimated delivery date if they can
Distributor moves the members name from wait list to shipped list
Receivers inform seeds received

Current Request List:
:envelope_with_arrow: Address on file :envelope_with_arrow:
Africa: MikeM
Aus: Johnnybsmokin
Canada: Shadey
Latin America: MadScientist
UK/EU: Gaz29
US: MomOnTheRun

Regular Member (Trust Level 3) Sign Up’s

1 Craigson15
2 Daytripr69
3 George1961
4 Shanti-ri
5 allotment
6 50State
7 Zion
8 shiskaberrysavior
9 Hempire420
10 Mongobongo
11 Fortheloveofbud
12 TheShowMeHomie
13 jdem075
14 SamwellBB
15 ChronicMcBudz
16 senescense
17 Badfishy1
18 johnnybsmokin
19 Swe-can
20 Meesh
21 pookie123
22 Howard.Crane
23 ttutone
24 MidwestMover
25 PoppaPuff
26 Papalag
27 schmarmpit
28 BuckeyeBeanz
29 MichiGreen
30 MBVapester
31 jamescoldflame
32 Guitarzan
33 Felzarn
34 DanzaKuduro
35 Jetdro
36 AllOra
37 Slain
38 BubbaRay
39 kouwhaoohs
40 joecool
41 man-bot
42 hashtree
43 Neogitus
44 goatrock
45 Jay
46 herb4ever
47 Sunvalley
48 grease_monkey
49 Guitarzan
50 invisible
51 OtisCampbell
52 HeritageFarms
53 Gaz29
54 valleymicro
55 Jjm
56 randrobertson522
57 billybob
58 OrganicGorilla
59 kingkush312
60 man-bot
61 Olbrannon
62 danonly
63 PlantShepherd
64 avr1
65 Foreigner
66 BuckeyeBeanz
67 curiouscat
68 Silverhaze
69 DiggySoze
70 Undead-Toker
71 misterbee
72 HolyAngel
73 BDGrows
74 grohio
75 Pedro
76 Tbone1
77 djfda714
78 Morbidly_OG
79 Purple-N-Hairy
80 Gman
81 pawsfodocaws
83. Sasquatch
84. Chronickyle
85. sct2020
86. BigT

Member (Trust Level 2) Sign ups

1 mike28086
2 ReactorPWR
3 YoungDad420
4 Felzarn
5 TheBubbleKing
6 MidwestMover
7 TrytogoodBud
8 twistedinfinity
9 grohio
10 katanaking00
11 N.R.G
12 Hashishin
13 Bob13
14 piper
15 PROfessor
16 kobracom420
17 kronickuz
18 Drnylle
19 Dyad
20 riahgorf_1
21 newb 2.0
22 DJFDA714
23 BarefootAndBlazed
24 Pakore
25 Instg8ter
26 MBSeeds
27 OldToby
28 Yooper63
29 RedBeard420
30 instg8ter
31 terpycollection
32 Canofbusjoe
33 fishface
34 Katanaking00
35 JuniorB
36 smokenhike
37 canofbusjoe
38 Ak49
39 Swampthing
40 DanzaKuduro
41 Sincy
42 Enjoi802
43 GreenBhoy
44 Hugh_Glass
45 RedOctober
46 leuh13
47 pufferfishfiend
48 Gpaw
50 monkeyman
51 Chiefer88
52 Funciona1971
53 corey
54 WVMountainGhost
55 NonSequitor
56 Who
58 Fat_Man
59 cdnBuddy
60 MotaMan
62 Redjimp
64 SweetLeaf
66 Yawningtears
67 DannyTerpintine
68 pcc5rivers
69 repins12
70 starlord1980
71 BigMike55
72 Mormo
73 @DougDawson
74 Cannasaurusrex
75 Granola
76 g1900
77 Kishking902 :canada:
78 NorthNorthNugs
:seedling::seedling::seedling:Please Pm Address to Sebring or your distributor :seedling::seedling::seedling:
Africa: MikeM
Aus: Johnnybsmokin
Canada: Shadey
Latin America: MadScientist
UK/EU: Gaz29
US: MomOnTheRun


Not gonna be first…lol…this is crazy I just was about to get a pk of apollo11 F5. So this is right on time.


You still can! :smile:



And I am…lol20…


I’d go on the list but can’t find the pencil to edit.

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I’m having the same problem, I click the triple dot, but no pencil.

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The 1st post hasn’t been made a wiki yet, shouldn’t be long.


You’re good to go now.


I’ll be first! Im a sucker for awesome seeds!

Thanks 50 and SCJedi!


Done now. Thanks @50State & @SCJedi for this.


Don’t think I can resist signing up for this one, lol. Those genetics are among my all time favorites :wink:

Definitely wouldn’t mind having some more genetic stock to go with what I’ve got, to deepen my explorations.

Thanks, guys!


More seeds! More seeds!.. I feel like Cookie Monster!


Hi folks, after a bit of delay due to a vacation and wrapping up a 88g13hp re-population I am here to run this Apollo project to the moon and back. Let’s all pause for a moment to say thank you to @50State for providing the starter pack. Thank you!

I rubbed these in my seed scuffer and dropped these into a shot glass of warm water and H2O2 on the Winter Solstice. This morning they went into a wet towel as it looked like I had a few cracking.

Sooo, there is not a lot to post here yet but I will try to pop in and provide some regular updates. We should be good for a Spring delivery so take a deep breath and wish us good fortune in 2020.

Happy Growing!



Thanks @50State for the supply, and major thanks to @SCJedi for doing the hard work. Best of luck to you on this project!


Should be a great one to watch!!


Thanks so much @50State and @SCJedi for this project, I only hear good things about those strains and appreciate the chance you give me to finally grow them … :sunglasses:


Thanks @50State and @SCJedi for this opportunity on a fine strain.

Added to list.


Seriously stoked for this one, will definitely be following along with interest!


Thanks to @50State and @SCJedi for the opportunity for some awesome gear


Christmas Eve update.

10/11 have tails so I cubed them. Outcast #11 will stay toweled. Note the goofy one that somehow flipped its cotyledons in the casing.

OK, not a lot to show over the next week or so, especially with the holidaze we all have to endure.

In the famous words of our former Governator, “I’ll be back”

Peace to all!