Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 DBHP - Give Away Has Ended

if I recall correctly


Whelp, I think its safe to say Boy #2 is done giving all he can to the girls

As I take him down (tomorrow morning), I will collect whatever pollen he has left like I did with Boy #1 with Big Momma…tonight I get to check her seeds and see where we are at :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s exhausted! Needs a drink and a cigarette!


You cranked the Barry White, didn’t you? Mmm Hmm.


That was after a drink and a smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a couple pep talks after examining pictures…

and he did!


After examining this latest batch of seeds pulled, Big Momma has a week to go

Thats ok as I am not expecting to chop for another 2 wks at the latest though it is good to see progress :wink:

I am going to have to add a couple more bamboo sticks in the middle and defoliate her again though she is coming to a finish with very nice looking seeds so maybe not


looking hashy! excited


Not bad for being seeded :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally got around to removing the boy and tending to the girls… I have been dreading it as its both messier and heartbreaking…


Pollen collection

After boy #2 is removed

Appears decent enough until we look below

It was like this on all the girls though this one (back left) was the worst. Individually, after removing all the dead/dying leaves…

Altogether after their spray down of 1/2Tb peroxide and 1 Tb liquid fish on 4c water

Told ya it is heartbreaking though had to be done! Now they can concentrate on seed making instead of shedding what they cannot sustain :wink: Time to deal with the pollen collected…

Using an old appt reminder card, everything gets swept into a pile

Well as much as possible with the bumps and grooves on this saucer…don’t be like e and use a cake tin or glass plate if you choose to try this :wink: Anyhow, as gently as I can, I brushed the tops of the pods away from the pollen and scooped it out

Doesn’t look like much does it?

We’ll see about that! Out comes the brushes! Starting with an old art brush…

Ending with an old paint brush…


Now that is taken care of, lets double it with cornstarch

Divide it into 1/3rd’s…1 for each packet

Scooped up with the appt reminder card


Inserted into their own little baggies with a few pebbles of dessicant

and into the far back of the fridge to join his brothers collected pollen with a few more dessicant packs

Shower time!!!

Once I got cleaned up, I figured that I may as well tackle the plants in the veg area. Starting with boy #7

Lookin great with lots of new growth inside his canopy

So that’s where I trimmed him down to and removed all lower growth as well as, the branches that crossed over other branches

Lookin sexy!!! Lets see about the bonsai boys…

I knew they were getting bushy though man! I really underestimated them while in the cabinet…should have done this sooner. Ah well, lets see how they look individually…

Boy #1

Since the newly turned girl wilted due to root issues (non growth/dieback), I took an extra step and checked their roots to ensure all is well

Not bad! Not bad at all!

And here he is after his trim

boy #2’s turn…

Last but not least, Boy #7

I did the same to the girls though since I was making a selection of which clone to replace the wilted one with, I updated their progress in my micro thread :wink:

I even took the opportunity to clean up their area before putting them back in

What a night and day difference! damn! It feels good to look at them now :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn that was a lot of work! Weird but I kind of envy you right now as I literally only have 5 minutes a day to fool around in my garden. I want to play and love on all my plants, not just my mj. Just want to play in my garden dammit! Effen tax season! lol


So cool, I’ve never handled pollen before and always wondered what it looked like. Actually, I’ve been growing like 15+ years and have never even seen a flowering male before lol. How long do you think those packets in the fridge will remain viable for?

Also, why cornstarch? Because you’re a brix junkie??


It seems like a lot though its done here/there throughout a day or 2 in between appts, kids activities, cooking dinner etc. sometimes I swear I need at least a part time job for a break lol

The rush will be over soon :wink:

About a year stored like that…for longer term storage, they go in my deep freezer at the bottom in a thermos…the same treatment just vacuum packed with another dessicant packet inside for defrosting. Some say, it’ll last ~5yrs this way though I have haven’t pushed it past 3 yet

No though one would think :stuck_out_tongue: Cornstarch is just an extra precaution to keep it dry…it also doubles the volume so its easier to see, apply and dust off before wetting the girl down



Much love and respect!




Finally got Big Momma staked up better

How does she repay me? Bursting trichomes giving me a serious sneezing fit, watery eyes and runny nose like the beginning of a cold…her self defense mechanisms are working splendidly and she is making more to really keep me at bay lol

Even her sun leaves are producing trichomes…be careful with this one lol

The girls next door are coming right along…

Seeded all the way down to their smallest buds

Boy #2 really didn’t want to disappoint :stuck_out_tongue:


She looks much happier! :cowboy_hat_face:


Update time!

Boy #7 and the bonsai clones are very happy with a space just big enough to get petunias and convolvulus going for the summer

Random “Night” shots of Big Momma…tonight I am going to pull a couple seeds and check progress

Last but not least, the clone momma’s next door


That plant is clearly seeded to the max, but I still want to smoke it lol. She’s looking great!


You shoulda seen the embarassing Jenga tower of knick-knackery I had going the other morning (to get the right sunlight) :joy:



ROFL! Thats about as good as this one