Seed Runs Co-Op Logistics/Cost/OT Discussion Megathread

Going to give the spinoff discussion of Logistics/Cost/OT from the Seed Run Co-Op Rare Bodhi Sour Diesel x Snow Lotus Mix Pack it’s own thread, carry on with the open discussion.

If I missed any that needed to be moved, kindly PM me, don’t flag it, as it’s unnecessary to generate a flag just to have a discussion/OT post moved.


Lol. Imagine my face when I came to view comments see that the list has grown x10 and my name has been removed :rofl: you spring chickens need to learn the bold text system rather than writing over other peoples names :crazy_face:


Wow, I really want this!
I think many want to think that 8 out of 10 are looking, but as it hasn’t sprouted yet, I’ll wait a while to put my name on the list because it’s so frantic right now.
This list is multiplying faster than the stray cat :joy: :joy_cat:
Anyway, thank you very much to @ 50state and @monbongo :pray:


Haha yeah I had to re add my name as well.


You’re a lot more understanding than I am. I actually missed out on one of the f2s cause some dork erased my name and I never noticed until it was already over. People REALLY need to be careful or pay attention when they write their name in a hurried cold sweat. There’s plenty to go around and these take months to happen. You aren’t gonna miss out if you don’t write your name down within 30 seconds. Also what’s with the people not understanding alphabetical order :smile: just poking lol.

As always I appreciate the main people that do all the heavy lifting to get these organized and make them happen. Without the people donating their hard earned seeds and sacrificing their time and space none of us would be able to scratch that seed addict itch. I still love the idea of everyone paying 10 extra on top of shipping, That way these things can keep the ship afloat for more time to come. I don’t think I’m the only one here who is sick of seeing sponsor threads. Yeah you can mute them but I gotta be signed in to do that and I lurk HEAVY. I bet if this site was made log in only like some others the bandwidth use would go way down but that’s just an idea. Since these seed runs have started they have created a shit load of activity on the site.


with emphasis

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I can’t for the life of me work out how to be a part of this :sob::sob::sob:
I think I have done it right :pray::pray::pray: would love to try the SD :green_heart:

@MichiGreen @Wake_n_bake73 both of you put you names in the wrong spot (I’ve moved them to the right area).

Now PM the distributor in your area with your address and bold your name on the list after that’s completed.


@Wake_n_bake73 I fixed it for you make sure to pm your local distributor if it’s the us it’s gonna be @MomOnTheRun


Oh shit typical sorry bro I definitely didn’t delete anything though so that’s one bonus lol


Thank you :pray::pray: I was crying trying to bold the bloody thing and I added my name in the right place then deleted as I couldn’t bold it :flushed::flushed: really appreciate your help :green_heart::green_heart:


You have to put 2 ** in front and behind your name like this



My name was deleted as well? I added it back up, I guess we have to keep checking. Thanks again @Mongobongo and @50State. I would assume it’s an accident, but it’s odd it’s happened to several people


There is a glitch that occurs sometimes. I believe it takes place when you hit enter to make the line available where you type your own name. But you can see it happen before hitting save. Some probably just don’t notice.


Mine disapeared too. I added it back


@JaggeD go to the top click edit and carefully add your name in alphabetical order to the list with 2 * before and directly after you name and your name will appear bold like this TheShowMeHomie

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As a reminder before anything is wrapped up…
Everyone please just double check your name because once its copied the final time, no edits.


Where do all these people come from? Never even heard of half of them. I’m guessing word on the street is OG is the place to get seeds. Just wish they would join in our community more instead of just doing the minimal to get wiki edit status.


I didn’t say that for you to withdraw. I simply don’t get what you’re talking about there’s plenty of places that sell bulk fem or bulk reg seeds for around the $30-$40 mark.

But like these seed runs are more of a bonus for being a member of OG not an entitlement to free seeds. @Mongobongo already stated he’s prepared for the list to grow so you don’t need to drop out just with the reply you made it sound like you’re more entitled because you can only buy a couple times a year. I don’t wanna keep typing because I’m only going to get more insulting but I’ve been broke with little money and still managed to budget and buy seeds like if you want it hard enough you’ll work for it. No hard feelings.


There shouldn’t be any issues producing thousands of seeds off one plant and the grow just started so no need for anyone to drop out.

I do think we should start instituting a rule about level of rep to join a seed preservation run.