Seed Trading, Moderated

2 or 3 feet no kiddin! WOW Thats great man. I say for that you maybe get 2 oz off of it then!?

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Yeah about 1-5 per plant depending on space and lighting I do t have room for them that big in my set up! Do you have any started right now?

No man, it’s illegal here, but i’m overgrow drunk, all these pics and setups and testimonials… MAN!!! I hate my government! If i do anything will be to consume and save for a rainy day, not to sell, unless they decriminalize it and it’s permitted. In that case i would open a dispensary/coffeshop/club/caretaker place…

But hypothetically. I wanna do a small setup, a tent 48x48x80 with two King Plus 600w lamps, don’t know anything about temp and humidity, the media would be coco, and rockwool cubes for seedlings… That ok with you all?


I’m looking for MTG sour diesel seeds

I have:

Banana buckeye
And sunset sherbet banana buckeye seeds

Anybody heard from Dave.saw?

do you mean Eddie.saw?

I’m sorry pookie123, yes, that sounds like him (?). Sent him a nice package, but then communication stopped. Know anything?

yeah I also sent him out some more seeds around 2 weeks ago, but have not heard from him since either.


The last time he wrote anything to me was 15 days ago, I sent him more seeds 13 days ago and let him know they were on the way, but he never responded back to me.

We messaged back and forth and he seemed like a cool person. I am still hoping he is just busy. Hopefully he is alright health or freedom wise. I hate to think he just bolted.

There was no trade involved between Eddie.saw and I… I was just gifting him seeds is all. Hopefully all is ok with him.


Did he owe you something?

No, not at all. He didn’t even ask for anything.

I’m sorry, I got you and limota mixed up… oops.

I don’t mind. Happy Easter by the way.:grin:

Thank’s, Happy Easter to you also.:slight_smile:

I hate to be the one to say it, but it really sounds like he got everybody on a seed-giving-spree and then dissapeared, not cool! I really wish he puts in an appereance, because the credibility of the page goes along with all of us being honest to each other…



I agree, there is feedback on another thread for things that went bad… naturally I’m skeptical of people with claims of oh I’ll get those seeds crossed and back to you. But I have been wrong before.

It took me a long time to meet the right people, but its worth a shot.


I hope me having said that (about crossing and getting back) at one point didn’t trigger your comment, it was me who actually realized the fact that everybody here was offering gens with pedigree and me just some “sativa beans”. When that happened i withdrew my intentions and started to look for good gens at seedbanks. To clarify, not to justify… But yeah, it’s ugly what happened and everybody gets sick of it…

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