Serious Seeds KaliBubba


Mostly Sativa
Recommended veg. time seedlings:
1 to 3 weeks
Indoor yield:
500 gr/m2
Outdoor harvest time:
Late October


Seeds of the KaliBubba were given away at different fairs to people who bought seeds. The feed back we received was very positive . Several people wrote: ‘the best results they ever had’ and others: ‘this is the best strain of Serious Seeds’ .

So it was clear that we had to offer this strain for sale. The KaliBubba wants to grow tall because of its Kali Mist genes. To make sure they won’t grow too tall, we advise only 1-3 weeks of grow time before you start the flower cycle. 1 week only if you have limited height in your grow room.

This is a big yielder! These plants will grow heavy, long full buds with a lot of crystals. It combines the sweetness of Bubble Gum with the spiciness of Kali Mist. We have received good reports from people growing her outdoors but we do not advise this for climates similar to the Netherlands.


KaliBubba out


You’re one hell of a salesman, @Claude . That kalibubba sounds pretty serious. :wink:
It’s going on the list!


This sounds interesting

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I checked the vault, attitude, choice seeds, etc …where can I buy some!?

On our site


I got some to run . If I do it be documented elsewhere on here @Claude same as the current clones of strawberry Akeil I just can’t be dealing with advice from people who cba to read diaries .

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