Show Us Your "SWEET" buds...Cookies, Candy, Bubblegum, etc

This is the thread where we show off our strains that take their name (and terps) from all kinds of sweet things. I know there’s a variety of cookie strains and candy themed strains and bubblegum strains, and I know a bunch of us love these strains, so let’s see the sweets!

I’ll start with 2 varieties of cookies and one candy (Candyland):

JOTI Black Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Breeder Unknown

JOTI Black Candyland



That GSC looks NUTS!

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Thanks @Syn! Yeah, I’ve think I’ve got a real keeper with her. I grew her exclusively for about 18 months and nicknamed my grow room :cookie:“The Cookie Factory”:cookie: because of how fond I am of her.


I love me some gsc…used to get it at the club…then they started carrying the thin mint cut…didn’t like that one so much.

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@Joshj, there are now so many different strains of GSC that I can’t keep up with them anymore. The Black Cookies I’m growing is nothing like my own GSC, and if I didn’t know for sure that they were JOTI’s Black Cookies, I would’ve never guessed that they were a cookie strain. I’ve never had the thin mints, but I did always want to try it. If you’ve got pics, please post them!

Then thin mint is a bit racy…mild paranoia inducing. Ha! Wish I had some pics…need a cut…:wink:


I’ll mark that one off my list. Still in search of “My” strain.

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Here’s a gelato starting to fall over:


Black Cali Grapes by Jordan of the Islands.
2.94% of all females had pink pistils.


Some cake/cookies cross from Captains Connection:

Moon Juice from Clearwater:

Las Vegas Purple Bananas from People Under The Stairs Genetics:

Would grow them all again.


would grow them again? You don’t take cuttings in case you loved that plant?


Lol guilty as charged.
Right now I just don’t think I have the space or environment for it.

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I’ve always kept bonsai mothers, but I’m hearing more people are just taking a cutting or two, grow them out, then just take another set before bloom.


That’s what I’ve done for a very long time. I find that keeping mothers takes up a lot of valuable real estate, and I’ve always had concerns about the various stresses a mother experiences - potentially causing issues with her clones.

Even without mother plants, I still have more cuttings available than I can ever grow. For example, I’ll be putting 2 JOTI Black Candyland into 12/12 tonight, and I’ll end up taking at least 12 potential clones off when I defoliate - and all of them are going to be composted.

BTW - nice buds, @Santiago_and_Dunbar. They look sugar coated and very sweet!


Thank you!

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Gummy Trail from calyx bros


Looks yummy, @Kcity87! It also looks like she’s nearly ready. How does she smell?

Does anyone have any :cake: strains?

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When I start growing inside I will take clippings of all my plants and then cull them after sexing and testing. Can’t risk missing a potential elite/keeper cultivar. Makes me wonder how many hidden gems have been lost cause someone didn’t take cuttings or never discovered them cause they threw out their bagseeds after picking them out of their bud.


The best way I could describe it as would be sweet and dank.

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Been a while since I’ve seen your “sweet buds”, so I thought I’d post some more of my Candyland…

These plants are huge (for indoor / hydro). Between the 2, they’re consuming about 1.5 gallons of nutes per day. :exploding_head:

You can see the large cages I placed around them a couple of days ago, and OMG, my hands and arms got so sticky from rubbing against these buds when caging them! :yum:

They’re starting to pack on weight now, and have over a month to go. Any guesses what I’ll get from the 2 combined?


And this is another Black Candyland just a few weeks from finishing…