Smokenhike Grows Again

Hey OG! Haven’t grown in a while due to house hunting, the stash is getting pretty dusty. Finally found a place, so here we go again…

Beans were soaked for 24 hours then planted in FF Happy Frog with a bit of added perlite and worm castings. 9/9 popped. AOGs were started a few days after the others, straight from the mailbox.

From left to right:

@Oldtimerunderground’s F3 of @JohnnyPotseed’s Alien OG F2s.
@Floyd’s GG4 x C99
@ShiskaberrySavior’s Grape Pie x Orange Goji

The setup:

~120w DIY LED with 2 x Samsung F-Series LT-F564B
Small 36x20" veg tent

AC Infinity T4 fan on an Inkbird temp controller
Ecowitt GW1000 for temperature monitoring
TP-Link HS110 smart plug for light timing & energy monitoring
Janky old high school shop class stool for support

Thoughts and plans…

These are in the basement, it’s cold and out in the open so ambient temperature is hard to control but this should work to my advantage once the weather warms up outside. Probably going to swap the LEDs for T5s in veg. The plan is to top dress Gaia Green dry amendments every 3 weeks, with Alaska Fish for nitrogen emergencies, plus maybe a few teas. Coco is my favourite but it’s more work and my best results were in dirt with Gaia Green. Will pot up into 1 gallon plastic pots until sex shows, then 3 gallons to flower. I’ll cut down to the best 2-3 plants around flip time, or get a bigger tent.

Thanks for stopping by!


Welcome back to the show. Bring it on!


Be watching with great interest.


Floor temp is the biggest thing for me this time of year. I can flub anything else but I have to keep the pots warm doing basement grows. I just keep them on a short table and run a small room heater. Leds dont have enough heat for the soil. Seeds think its still winter and dont pop also plants droop and look like shit from my exp during late winter /spring. Im sure you know what ur doing so happy grow welcome back to your hobby.


I like your style!

Following to see how them Aliens rise.

May it be a fantastic and flawless grow!


Welcome back man, good to see you around. Looking good in here, I’ll be tagging along for your grow, hope it goes well :+1:


I will be following!


Mind if I sit over here and behave myself?
I promise to not say SHIT or fart too loud.


I’ll tag along interested to see what you find.


“I can hear @BigMike55 from here.”


Welcome back! Love that you popped some OG seeds! Looking forward to seeing your plants grow. Looks good so far!


Pulling up a Janky Shop Stool to join you!

:heart: 2 :eyes: Beans from OGers being popped… :call_me_hand:


@smokenhike it’s a great feeling to see you growing again and congrats on the new home!! Plus you have some of those :alien: Alien OG F3s going too??! :star_struck: :flying_saucer: :fire:


Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

Didn’t think of that, I’ll get the tent raised off the floor.

Might faceplant yet :upside_down_face: Only been doing this a few years. There are a lot of people here with much more experience, still have lots to learn from them.

Not sure if it’s in the budget, we’ll see. Around here people seem to think a house is a retirement plan or a magical money machine instead of a place to live. We barely got in. Our downpayment was as much as a whole house 20-30 years ago and it’s our first house so we didn’t have any equity from the price insanity. Some things to fix and interest rates are rising too.

You can say SHIT or even FUCK in here, in fact it is encouraged. But please turn on the fan if you need to fart.

Here, I put it on a smart plug for you so you don’t even have to get up… And a portable GFCI plug in case of err… leakage. By the way, if you haven’t tried 1 foot extension cords, they are life changing.

Anyway… I put in the T5s today and moved the filter inside so I could use the dust sock.


oOoOO yeah. Never thought of a portable exhaust fan.



Day 7 from sprout. Life is good.

Alien OG F3

Grape Pie x Orange Goji

GG4 x C99


Off to good start. :smiley: :+1:


Look at them go!!! :green_heart:

All the vibes!

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Glad I cam across your thread, positive vibes for a successful run :slight_smile:


I love when they’re little…Freshies! Looking really good! Will be watching.