Some Old World Hash

Honestly, the vast majority of charass Ive tried, has always been very old, dried out and disappointing. But the few times it was fresh, made up for the all the crap stuff.

The Temple Balls or pieces of were always easier to find for some reason and quality was always pretty good. The only problem was how to get this super sticky goodness into a joint or bong and then off your fingers.:joy:

Im sure your version of the Temple Balls was pure fire man. Did you hand rub, collect and then press?


Couldn’t agree more. Don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of it again either.:sleepy:


The good ol days maybe in the future when the world comes to its senses, we can have legal, fair trade hash.
Really miss the old school black hash too.


No I didn’t, I know that’s traditional though. I was looking for something fun to do with my dry sift collected from trimming. So I cleaned it up using static tek, placed it between parchment and used a glass bottle with warm water in it as a roller to get the hash stuck together and malleable before rolling it into balls. The hash market here isn’t like it is in Canada or Europe, it’s always been tough to find old school hash here. I had a connect for about a year before it vanished a long time ago. I don’t know why it’s never been bigger here, I know a lot of people that buy it up anytime it does actually come around so there’s definitely a market for it


Thats what its all about man, having fun trying new things. I love the idea of trying the traditional method too, but its pretty impractical for most of us to go around covered in and stinking of flowers.

Ive never tried the static tech, but its deff on my list to try, it looks really cool and simplistic.

Im with you on the availability and popularity of old school hash too. Its very rare here too, its been at least 6/7 years since Ive been able to pick up anything nice. All flowers and extracts nowadays. Both beautiful too, dont get me wrong.


Used to get soles of it.
Cheeses cloth impressions like and tawny opium lines running thru it.

I dry seive mine when I make it.


realy looks great! reminds me of Morocco…it´s 15yrs,i´ve been there last time

…you´re absolutely right on this! but it´s almost impossible,get some Leb(blond or red) here in central Europe these days :pensive:

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Traditional temple balls get scooped up fast here - mostly by older guys like me! lol

I’ve read and watched most of Frenchy Cannoli’s videos and produced some really nice full melt using bubble bags. Managed a 19g ball from a 1/4 pound of trim last run (not all full melt).
In at least one video he mentions Hashene - which is apparently a terpene created in the traditional hash making process.
I think there is something to that - IMHO there are few products more medicinal than traditional hash (RSO comes to mind).


I know there are many new ways to make hash but I am still the old silk screen guy. Sift it, tighter screen, sift it and so on. Than press with some heat. But hey, to each their own. I just love the way they made it for centuries.


I haven’t gotten them yet, but I’m going with bubble bags. I’ve had great bubble has before, very clean. But most of what I get to taste right now is the stuff collected at the bottom of my stash box with the screen and tray bottoms. I usually just use them loose to top bowls, or if I have enough saved up, I use my press and turn them into little pucks.


You’ll love the bags.

For icewater I loosely followed Frenchy Cannoli’s stacking - 220u for a “work bag” to hold the trim.

For dry ice I used a 73u & a 160u for hash, and a 220u for edibles (green kief)

The icewater is easy to get full melt temple balls, but yield is lower.
IME - 1/4# trim = 12g total, mostly full melt.

Dry ice has MASSIVE yield
IME - 1/4# = 26grams total. 19g made hash that wasn’t quite full melt, but was really good.
The remaining 7g was the most contaminated hash (with plant matter) and went into 2 sticks of butter.