Stankonia's Wonderland vol 1

Hello OG’ers!

My name is Stanky and this is my first grow journal ever. I’ve completed 4 grows before now, learning as I grow. I made some pretty hefty mistakes in the past (which is where I learned my most valuable lessons)
I found this site about 2 weeks ago and I already love it. I’m here to stay folks.

2020 was a bitch…wifey thought she was slick too. This is my old 2x4 I’ve had 5 years. I was on growing hiatus when I unzipped and saw this. Uh uh you ain’t invading my space woman! Going forward, I intend on using it for veg/clones or potentially breeding.

The new tent (Vivosun 4x4 with roof style) for flowering, cloudline t6 with carbon filter and homemade pvc high-cfm tent brace.

I bought this light for the 4x4

But approximately 10 secs after turning it off, it does this…

You can even feel it click off so it should be completely off. I almost kept it because when hooked up to the timer its not a problem. (The timer must completely cut power to the device) However, I don’t know what is causing that to happen and even though it doesn’t do that thing when the timer is hooked up. I dunno man, maybe it could break further in the future or catch on fire or something.

So yeah I returned that. I’ll decide on something else in the next day or so.

Ok on to medium, this will be a FFOF run with perlite and EWC.

I will be going with geoflora nutes this grow. Just thought I’d give em a try.

Now the beans…ok so don’t laugh at my collection. I literally started it a few weeks ago with 1 pack, a strain a friend had me try 5 years ago, that I loved. Citrus Sap by Crockett family farms. I know it’s not for everyone but I loved it and promised myself I would find the seeds and grow em.

The seeds to the left came from an eighth I got from a dispensary in D.C. I decided to pop these first as a test run for my new setup with the intention of popping the Citrus Sap next after the first plants go into bloom. The dispensary flower was labeled Sherbert mint kush I think. I don’t know where it originates but would you believe that eighth cost me 90 bucks and had 21 big ol seeds in it? Bag no 3 is also bagseed (all random). Give me some time and I’ll grow my collection but for now bear with me!

Anyway, I popped 8 (of which 7 germed). They are vegging in the flower tent for now as I tinker with the other tent. This is them right now

I knocked the cups over last night, that’s why some of look a little funky also they’re awaiting transplant soon. I plan on updating daily. Feel free to join in the fun, I’m open to advice and suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read all this! Later I will show some of my previous work.


I’ll follow along. Looks like a nice set up. LOL - had to laugh at the tent full of covid souvenirs.


I kept telling her the new tent is twice as big as the old one and she said ok but didn’t really get it. When she saw me (and our 8 yr old) putting up the frame she bout flipped lol


Here’s some imagery of my previous grow.

Grow #4 bagseed (Sorry boring I know, I’m working on it)


A little older now

Picking up the pace

Someone’s too lanky…

Little better now

These are activgrow lights supposed to be a decent replacement for t5 HO. They were good enough to veg

However, flowering would require me to blow the dust off “ol faithful” and add him to the mix, but id have to leave the t5 in there since at this point Ol faithful ain’t the man he used to be

Started getting company in the firm of white mold and fungus gnats due to me not venting properly. My humidity during flower was ridiculous before I realized the problem and corrected it.

Sorry about the blurple pics.

Also, sorry I don’t have final numbers. I totally refused to do myself any favors in terms of keeping record.

My biggest mistakes that grow was inadequate equipment and air flow.

As far as the new grow goes I will be transplanting soon, I wanted to give these roots some time to spread.


I’ll pull up a chair for your show. :sunglasses: :+1:
You are off to a fine start.



Plants looking good your first pic made me chuckle the nerve of her to think she could turn your grow space into a storage room.
At least you won’t be running out of TP any time soon .


Is that Max Headroom bruh? I aint seen him in forever!


That was BEFORE my wife went tp crazy. That pic was last year around this time, I think we’re still using that stuff.


I just remembered, 2 of those plants from last grow were fem white widow from cropking seeds (I know I know)

I mixed them up accidentally and didn’t know which was widows and which was bagseed. In the end it’s funny I should have been able to tell, either their genetics suck or my growing style (both is very possible lol

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Looking good

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Brother, no shame here at all. What’s important is you got what’s funky for you. I hope the beans from the dispensary turn out to be some funk. Can’t believe they’re charging $90/Eighth for something loaded with seeds in the district (then again I can). Nice to see someone from the DMV here :v:t2:

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I ordered some more cpl weeks ago, but they still haven’t got here yet. I ordered them from attitude seedbank but that was before I joined OG and learned of their reputation. Oh well, well see what I get.

Edit: this was a response to treetops…I guess I hit the wrong person lol


I just stumbled upon this thread, hope you don’t mind me lurking around saying shit every once in awhile.
I too laughed when I saw that wifey turned your tent into a storage room :rofl:
Glad to have you on board Stanky.


The more the merrier, my biggest mistake in the past was not having like minded individuals around to chat with and perhaps offer advice when I do something goofy (which happens more than I’d like to admit) your username is clever @Indoornesian!


You are one hundred percent right, it’s always better to have a consultation team on your side. Not that we need it, but it’s a pleasure to be able to bounce an idea about before you implement it.


Today is repot day…I’m debating on putting them in their final pots or doing an in-between transplant, literally a coin flip for me. I don’t mind wasting the soil if they turn out male, but maybe do the in-between step to develop the roots real good. Yeah I think I’ll do that.

The pot the pepper plant is in its the pot I finished grow#4 in. Today they will get the smaller pot on the left and next transplant will be the final (fabric pot)

Also this would not be Stanky’s wonderland without something wonderful to admire, thankfully my venus flytraps are coming out of dormancy for spring and need to be repotted as well. I’ve been waiting to clean these babies up!

My moss came today (talk about expensive!) Next time I’ll go cheaper. My last moss is only very slightly less quality but that just means picking out a few more sticks (at less than half the price) at least the distilled water was cheap at target at .65 cent a gallon.

Also my poor Aloe Vera needs repotting bad

So today seems to be the day! Will report back soon.


Feed it veg nutes they get monstrous.


Lol holy moly

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Ok the wife made me put a bed together and throw out and old one which took up some of my time. I didn’t take as many pictures that I wanted too but here’s a brief update.

Here’s the roots, about what I was going for

And all of them after the repot, I expect those leaves to perk back up in the next day or 2

I ordered the next size up from the light I returned, why not right? it will be here monday amazon says


If your on a surge protector after your timer, try putting an incandescent night light plugged into the same surge protector. I had this issue with some led t5 upgrade bulbs. Leds need so little power to run that if any is making it through your timer it will make them illuminate a tiny bit, the incandescent night light will use up this tiny bit of power without actually producing light itself. My guess is its taking about 10 seconds for the capacitors on its board to fill up, before trickling current to your leds themselves.