Strain Donations and Breeder Match Ups for Preserving

I’ve got some Strawberry Cough from Hazeman, they are fairly new so shouldn’t have germ issues. First time posting here for a pres run so if I left something out let me know…Also not sure on how many seeds you need to do a run.?. Thx! :wink:


I think the preservation they want 150 packs of 10 or 12 seeds per pack. Strawberry Cough is always a good one .


I think is just a pack for the breeder, he is the one to produce as much seeds as possible Arriba|nullxnull . Strawberry cough is a great strain I am going tu run in my next batch, I think preservation run are done for rare strains non commercialy available with good quality and reputation … :sunglasses:


The sign ups start at 150 ppl but its basically make as many seeds as u can


I have some Hazeman Strawberry cough F4 I made

I inbred it to my like (indica buds, < 10 weeks, strawberry smell and potent high)

so not sure she is still enough representative of the line for a preservation run

a good medicinal stuff for sure :sunglasses:


Seed runs are not only made for preservation. If you want to share those good looking seeds with the community you can just open a thread. Have a look for example at this one from Tappy or even this one from Swe-can.

You can ask the crew for support on this, it’s a great strain and I am sure there will be people interested, thanks for sharing … :sunglasses:


I think @Dyad was looking for some strawberry cough, he may be interested…if it was him. :thinking:


I don’t recall specifically mentioning it before, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. :sunglasses: Appreciate you thinking about me, brother. :pray:t3:

@green_raver shoot me a DM if you’re interested in maybe striking a trade deal for a few of those.


@George1961 thank you , I’m quite new here so still learning about the community. I made them in 2017 but never tested them, so I’ll do a germ rate test in the next weeks, just to check before

@Dyad thank you, but no need for a deal :slight_smile: if I have more than 75% germ rate after the test, I will be happy to give some of them for free on a new topic as proposed by George :sunglasses:


Hey @green_raver. Thanks for the very generous offer. I can certainly understand and appreciate your desire to distribute quality seeds to the community, but speaking for myself, I’d just like to say that I’d be very excited to have some 50% germ rate Strawberry Cough seeds that looked like those do. :smiley:

Thanks again for offering them. :vulcan_salute:


Oh, I don’t have that many, lol only three packs. What I was trying to do was give some to make seeds. Only thing I’d want in return is “some” seeds and whomever could distribute or keep as they see fit.

Sort-A new so not sure if this is a “thing” or not…Don’t know many peps here so no inner circle to turn to. :wink:


The “inner circle” sees this thread.
I would be interested in trading for your SC. My seed list is here:


They don’t want that many packs from the seed donor. There’s a 150 person signup limit for the seed runs, and the goal of the grower is to produce as close to 150 10-12 seed packs for distribution to the folks on the signup list. Usually I think it’s quite a bit more than 10-12 seeds.

A lot of the time there may only be one pack of seeds donated, then it’s up to the grower. Fortunately, OG people are the kings/queens of seed runs. The way I heard it, in all last years runs, only one came up short, and it’s has been, or is being re-run. I’ve never gotten a box before, the April box will be the first one, and I am totally stoked about it!! :smiley:


You only need one pack to start a preservation and I would sign up for sure.


Yeah I would also sign up for the strawberry cough is this the kushman one that hazeman has now?

I know my dude @Baltimore been wanting to run that kushman cough for a hot minute now


I’d be more inclined to grab that strawberry akiel


You mean
Strawberry Akeil, does someone have it? :sunglasses:


It’s available thru Serious


PM me for match ups ill go through the box and match your goals or try. Its easier for me to lock a specific person with so many leople here.

Or just make sure you tag me here open. Thats cool if the higher ups are cool. I really wanna do some nice things. Lets go what are yall working on? Tag me in please. Break it down as best as you can. Ill go through the book. Im way more organized and wanna do something nice for real.:+1:t2:

It took me to lose somethings to realize I left the only spot I loved since I was pushing seeds in mamas planters. Hehe. Luv you guys. Please be safe and still mask up. Thanks @TheShowMeHomie for keeping me in your thoughts. Gotta cut the grass. Let me know guys. :call_me_hand::pray::v:


Ive been chasing the “cough” guys lol! They know it. He he!:blush: I usually dont get what I want chasi g coat tails and its annoying. I have to humble everyday.

You cant grow em all but im gonna try like hell.:+1:t2: