Strawberry Fields once upon a time

You can buy hemp on amazon in the uk. So stupid that we cant have hemp tea.

if the plants/harvest were/was not intend to be manufactured into “drugs” marijuana or hash, it was
legal. of course it did end up as such, in most cases.
there were alot of loopholes. the people who sold the endproduct openly in shops, were very creative. selling dried bud in so called “aroma-bags” or “bath-accessoires” or pillows for good sleep. i remember one shop, who even sold “Hanftaler”, beautiful ornamental “coins” made out of pressed resin glands…for collectors purpose only of course.
switzerland has 26 different cantons, in some the hempbusiness was more tolerated than in others.


You are right… You helped me to remind that…

They have effectively eliminated any cannabis black market. The only dealers on the streets at night were selling hard drugs.

Probably in same way as Amsterdam coffeeshops they had to pay income tax from whole goods price in practice having no way to legally utilize buying costs. Pretty fair price for gov “blindness” :smiley:

Well done! And wow just wow!

Lovely, good to see those old pics again Knospe!


Oh I remember that strain from back in the days in Amsterdam, strawberry taste.

Spent ages looking for seeds, like a fool, only to find out its clone only.

I think the clones may have something to do with varieties such as the starwberry kush’s and strawberry hazes available now a days.

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Can you share how the story continued… have you kept Erdbeer till nowadays…?

Are you swiss local? Switzerland has got pretty unique direct democracy… there is strong ability for reaching compromise… can’t be seen anywhere else.

i gifted alot of different erdbeer seeds to different growers in different countrys. some used them in their own crosses. like for example: esben from zenseeds, john from green hornet seeds… or paddohead.
i did many different crosses and selections with erdbeer variations through the years.
one sturdy&early version is available as clone at as “erdbeerli”.
(yes, i’m swiss) yep, the concept of direct democracy we have here, is pretty unique. a good opportunity to have


Ihave grown some of Esbens erdber x purpurea many years ago. I believe his website is called hybridsfromhell though


Awesome lol mother natures baby’s fit in every were,as they are not man made

evening fellas !

got some erdbeer crosses going this year… first plant should be a lemon larry x erdbeer or shishka x erdbeer… cant remember lol… very curious how theyll turn out ! these were made with knospes erdbeer , thanks again !

have a nice season !


Great post!
I’ve scoured the interwbs for an Erdbeer hybrid / fem.

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Welcome @grow-hoe and quite the entrance i might add! :grin:

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with swt3 and strawberry blonde is one of lost strains I would love to have

hi ya grow-hoe, and welcome to og!

nice plants there, lookin good
what’s the altitude? seems to be not as high as other spots i saw from your plantations…


thanks for the welcome. thats right its a bit below i think around 1500m + but makes a big difference… more soil , less stones… dont need to carry heavy soilbags.


funny to see that amount of plants outdoor and not finding a bug… im from the tropics… here that is like a dream!

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Those are some gorgeous girls you got there, well done.

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Same for me.
I’m looking for erdbeer/strawberry for 8 years now, it’s very hard to find a legit cut.
I remember the first weed i bought was Fraise ( strawberry) as we name it in France coming from Cannatech (Alexandre Peverada) and it still one of the best smoke i never had.