Supafreak co-op seedrun payment thread

This is the list so far, it closes at midnight and I will update with a PayPal link and final list and amount, we are splitting $120 evenly to cover seeds, shipping to growers and then shipping to distributors. This will be the same list we use when it comes time for shipping the seeds. You get a :dollar: after your name when you have paid. Right now its looking like about $3.55 USD each to buy in, then later (after we have seeds) we will be paying shipping to ourselves, thats when you will contact distributor to arrange shipping. Please pay friends and family, otherwise they pull a fee out and doubly sure to include your screen name as a note so I know who is who!

Volunteer growers:

  1. corey North America
  2. Swe_can :earth_americas:

Volunteer distributors:

  1. sct2020 North America
  2. Swe-can :earth_americas:

Interested north America

  1. sct2020 :dollar:
  2. Chronickyle
  3. dequilo
  4. Sasquatch
  5. theomegajedi
  6. Rhino_buddy
  7. repins12
  8. Eagles009
  9. GrumpyOldBastards
  10. misterbee
  11. Guitarzan
  12. MantisTobogganMD
  13. MBVapester
  14. BigT
  15. Needsomebeans
  16. Tappy
  17. natelovestogrow
  18. Indoornesian
  19. Donnie
  20. Meesh
  21. monkeyman :monkey_face:
  22. Shaggy450r
  23. Jjm
  24. Old-Ron
  25. Gugumelo :brazil:

Interested :earth_americas::

  1. Pakore
  2. allotment
  3. Blue
  4. starl0rd1980
  5. George1961
  6. curiouscat
  7. Gaz29
  8. Redjimp
  9. Lilmanbigplan :australia:

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