Super Skelly HP & Skelly HP - same or different?

New member (but longtime reader) and looking forward to more actively participating in some discussions.

Inaugural question: Is there a distinction between the Super Skelly HP and the Skelly HP? Was just wondering if they’re the same, or if the Super Skelly HP is distinct in its own right.

Was thinking of Puck Yeah by Coastal Seeds which is Super Skelly Hash Plant x NL#1. Is the addition of he “Super” relevant?


Hi @3rd_i Come introduce yourself on the Introduce Yourself @OG (Part 2) so we all can say hi. Sorry I can’t answer you question.

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Seen crickets & cicadas work with puck lately?

Yes Holy Angel in fact I think Crickets and Cicadas are having a drop right now of various strains crossed with Hash Plant. Bob of Crickets and Cicadas was part of Coastal Seeds before going out on his own so is experienced with it.