TerkleH Grow Journal

I’m going to be posting my grows and my pictures here. First off is Scott’s OG x Black Dominia Fem seeds from crop king that I crossed with Paonia Purple Paralyzer pollen from @DougDawson. No pictures of seeds or germination cause I forgot. This is also my first-time doing hydro so there were a few learning curves. Like using a 1200GPH pump…

I germinated the seeds quite some time ago in soil and the plants got infested with thrips. The plants got quite upset and I didn’t know if they would survive. I made a hydro cloner and topped each of my infested plants on whatever top or branch was healthy. I then dipped each into a cup of warm water, dawn dish soap, and neem oil. Replenishing the neem oil every few clones. I continued doing this for 3 weeks, every 2 to 4 days. Thrips eliminated. The plants became much healthier and grew great roots.

Building the hydroponics setup was a learning experience. One of my weakness’s is spatial management as anyone who has seen my grows can attest to. On this grow I have 9 buckets plus 1 reservoir in a 5’ x 7’ room. I used a 1200GPH inline water pump when a 250GPH pump would have sufficed. That was installed later.

Once my new room was setup, I moved my best 9 plants into the room and proceeded to kill 3 of them, leaving me with 6. Which I affectionately named #1 through #4. Later renamed to Scott’s Purple Paralyzer #1 through #4. They didn’t like the change at first but once they settled in, they took off.

First week in the grow room.

Day 12

Day 15

Day 18, #4

Day 22

Day 31

Day 37

Day 38

Root mass of #4

Day 39, This is #4 base

A couple of the plants started leaking this red sap like liquid. I’m really not sure why.

Day 40, Flipped to 12/12

Day 45

Day 54

Day 61, I gave em a haircut and shaved their legs

Day 65



Day 76, #3

Day 79, #3

Here is where I introduce you to my seed tent. I took clones of all my plants before I flipped them, 3 clones per plant, 18 total, and put them in my cloner. From the cloner I took 1 each of my 2 favourite females, #3 and #4 and 1 each of my 2 males, # 5 and #6. I put them in the tent a flipped them to 12/12 after 5 days of vegging in the tent.

Day 87



Day 96, Harvest

Here is the seed tent on day 96

Male #5

As a special treat, here is the 13g Cannagar with 1.3g shatter, wrapped in hemp sheet, in a custom walnut case with red velvet I gave to my good friend on his stag over the summer.

I’m doing some other stuff at the moment as well that I’ll be posting here. I hope you all enjoyed, happy growing.


Very nice grow.


Great looking runs @TerkleH ! The end product looked fantastic. Very well documented grow for sure. I’ll be here to watch the seeds finish.


That cannagar looked crazy. That’s an all day smoke I’m sure.


That my friend is a work of art! The box adds a nice touch.


Ah, okay that makes sense. I took a couple pics with a jewelers loop at x60. And thank you!


Thanks, ya it is a great smoke! Pretty decent taste to er. The seeds have finished, I just have to upload the pics.
It was, we smoked it between 8-9 guys 2 nights in a row for about 2h a night and probably got rid of less than a 1/4.


Thank you very much, one of my friends gave me a hand with the box and it turned out great!

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@TerkleH of the Jungle ! Watch out for those trees :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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Here is my seed room about 3 weeks away from when I harvested them. I liked the smell and profile of my male #5 so I used his pollen on my outdoor just for fun! They will be a Texada Timewarp x SBP and an Ultra Early Love x SBP that I will grow out at some point to see what I get. All are long leaf stretchy plants. I’m going to take a pic of my better seeds later, I did a open pollination of my female #4 and #3 with my male #5 and #6. I definitely think I harvest my seeds to soon as there were a few undeveloped seeds.
Male #5

Female #3


SBP #3 tops kinda look like a rose bud right now.

I’m germinating some of Todd McCormick OG Haze and will be doing some seeds and a flower run. I’ll be posting it here as well.


These are some of the seeds I got from my open pollination. In total I have around 100 viable seeds and 50 that are not quite as mature as I’d like. These are off my #3 female.


The OG Haze have shoots on day 2! All but one has a shoot.


Beginning of my fem run of my #3 SBP. I’m spraying with STS to stop ethylene and force them to produce pollen. Then ill put that on some more of my #3 clones. I don’t like blurple lights but its all I have extra right now.


All the OG haze seeds have germinated!

The SBP at X60 and X40

Texada and UEL are doing well. Have had a couple of decent rains and no PM or bud rot


OG haze new shoots


OG Haze. The last one is just starting to show itself. 8/8


Harvested my two smallest outdoor plants a week early and am drying them still on the branches. Here are some pics, I usually like a little more amber in my trichomes but I have a busy weekend comin up and I wanted to get at least some trimming out of the way.

Here is Texada Timewarp at X30 and X60

And UEL at X30 and X60

First successful almost organic outdoor!