The Central American landrace and heirloom thread

Lambsread from Exotic alchemy


It’ll be wrong for me to come atcha with hands out. I won’t be up and running for a couple of months. Contractor has multiple Cancer-related Appointments and we have a FOOT of Snow to deal with!!! Probably won’t have a full-fledge grow going until at least Spring. Thanks for the outreach, SUPER-OG of you, of course. SS/BW, my friend…mister :honeybee: :100:


You better WIKI in some more slots, I got about 7 strains I’ve been saving and any pollen will be saved to pass on for breeding.

I’ll post a list when I get home…been waiting for this



So happy to see you here! How do I make it a Wiki?


Love some of that pollen or seeds if you get a pair…have a number of Jamaicans I can pass along. Since this includes the islands I have a special gifted seed from and to Rastafarian family member from one of the groups.

A few others include
Columbian Gold
Zacata Tribute
Green Gold Mexican Heirloom

Was trying to cover all the Cheech and Chong Strains



Here’s my list, if anyone needs something to run hit me up PM. Won’t be able to drop until December 5.


I’m watching this one hard!! This is the region I am most excited by. Asia is cool and amazing, as is Africa, but there is a dynamism and vibrancy to Latin America. It’s a combination of so many things for me, the accessibility, ease, and beauty of the language, the richness and diversity of people and culture, the unparalleled diversity of flora and fauna. The botanical possibilities of the Colombian New World excite me more than anything. So much unexplored land of unrivaled richness and fertility, just to our south.


Depending on how my next grow cycle shakes out, I may join you guys with some Caribbean / island genetics in early 2021.


Killer lineup! Cheech and Chong just might show up at your place lol. Dont forget seed pictures before the soak. Are you running all of these? Should I add them to the list?


I hope you do! What would it be?


I so need to find a Sativa to grow :slight_smile:

but 28 weeks flowering is not really doable :frowning:

my attention span is way too short

thought about maybe one of these

LLANERA Vegetative stage: 15 to 20 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 17 week

or maybe this one


Vegetative stage: 16 to 20 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 16 weeks

so many seeds to grow sooooo little time :frowning:



Not going to be running ANYTHING until Spring, but will literally B-E-G you to set aside some of those for me. Thanks, enjoy a Festive Holiday Season, take special care, stay EXTRA safe and, indeed, be well…mister :honeybee: :pray: :100:


You got it B, I can send a mini DWC that you can run four plants inside with a cheap light source. Solo cup winner made over 2 OZ with a similar system off one plant.

I’d send the Bodhi AC to anyone wanting to run, if you get a male just save me some pollen…I’ll probably not be able to run all unless I only drop 1 each, like to drop at least 3’s.



No need, no space in Main House to run anything. Gonna start seeds in Feb, veg until late May, then flip as we can’t put anything out until late June here in Northern Maine. I lost all my cuts last Summer when a pump failed. I didn’t notice with all the construction going on, couldn’t save anything. I decided to just wait until the Spring. You have to KNOW I appreciate your OG-offer, I really do. Until I’m in “grow mode”, seeds only!!! You take special care, stay EXTRA safe and, yes…be well. Enjoy your Holidays…mister :honeybee: :pray: :100:


I’d be doing an open pollination of bodhi’s Jahruba jamaica x aruba.

I also have a panama red x bubba kush by ninefold collective (specifically a breeder named limo) which I would like to preserve. I am also planning to make hybrids with the jahruba for more island sativa influence in the bubba red.


If no one has taken you up on it yet I’d be happy to run the AG.

I’d be able to have them going by mid Feb.

Also, if I’m too new here and you don’t feel comfortable having me take this on, no worries.


I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to run that AG. Even if I had the time, I don’t think I have the requisite growing/breeding experience to do a preservation run on such a long flowering strain; too much can go wrong. I hope whoever decides to run that one does a preservation run and knows their way around a sativa! I really would love some F2s to hold onto. It is truly my holy grail strain.


I have bodhi’s acapulco gold as well, and haven’t grown it out for exactly those reasons. lefthand gave me some hope with his AG grow a while ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off one day, and really spread those genetics far and wide.


Argh. Here’s to hoping some one who is both more capable and patient than I can bear the burden soon.


PM me a safe addy and I’ll get some out to you. Here’s a pic of the AG a bit short of finishing, was really hoping for a boy.