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Let’s go outside, shall we?

light-dep since February…4am tarp on, 930off

“my” Durban Poison :wink: @MiG

…and now let’s keep going, shall we?..

right this way…

200 gal was 10" high 6 weeks ago. GojiOSS & OSS1 from @50State :thumbsup:

GojiOSS left, OSS#1 right

same, other side, OSS1/GojiOSS

B.O.G. SourLifeSaver male

he is totally circumcised

B.O.G. SourLifeSaver girl (please please)

…and that’s all for now folks. Thanks for bearing with me & even more-- supporting, encouraging, & RESCUING me!

@LemonadeJoe :heart:



Awesome!! Looking great my brother​:grin::camera_flash::camera_flash::camera_flash: I love it dude​:+1::evergreen_tree::metal:


Those plants look amazing. Any smells yet on the Goji x OSS or OSS f2 #1??


:smile: (high-five) :raised_hand:
GojiOSS is smelling skunky, kushy
OSS1 is smelling ‘citrus-ey’
…and I’m pretty sure they’re ladies.

Growth is so rapid now I have to train the branches 2-3x/day. (:exclamation:)

I really like this horse-trough setup(bottom 4" perlite, fabric, living soil('17)+ new peat + perlite(maybe 60%?), with the “vent” pipes.

:evergreen_tree: nanu nanu


time for an update.

here’s wake up time for the light dep…awaiting some drying after just getting bT sprayed. i shoot for half an hour. might start doing it at dusk.

2.5 weeks to go on this Conspiracy Kush. I’m having real trouble with close-up pics, sorry folks. :camera: :dromedary_camel:

Here’s the non light dep outdoor. A few changes & additions.

Barney’s Red Cherry Berry (my #5)

Thanks @50State! GojiOSS, OSS1 :womens: :womens: :thumbsup: clones rooted!

B.O.G. SourLifeSaver, :womens:

either MasterOG or ConspiracyKush…dunno didn’t check today :wink:

Ken Este’s GDP, via DarkHeart cut, SLOOOOOOWESt :snail: never again folks

MasterOG another bagseed wonder… i need to label better.

B.O.G. SourLifeSaver :mens: dude. Should I start capturing the pollen? I was going to use a zip-loc plastic bag & tweezers, refrigerate. (???)

:v: love you guys



Correction: GojixOSS is a dude. Like my 50th male plant this year, I’d swear. :confounded:

:evergreen_tree: is still learning


Higher nitrogen, lower potassium durning veg promotes more female growth


All of my info on MammothP & whatnotP. Links follow files.

:v: :evergreen_tree:

effects-of-a-microbial-biostimulant-mammoth-ptm-on-cannabis-sativa-bud-yield-2376-0354-1000191.pdf (498.2 KB)
Product – Mammoth Microbes.pdf (277.4 KB)
US20160145163A1.pdf (628.5 KB)
Phosphorus mobilizing consortium Mammoth P™ enhances plant growth [PeerJ].pdf (569.8 KB)


I always wondered if this would even benefit my garden or if the phosphatase in the barley gets the job done. :grin::grin::grin:


personally, i took Growmau5 for his word and his side-by-side mammothP trial on youtube, showing aproximately their claimed 16% yield increase. of course it could have been staged bullshit, but i don’t think it was. :wink:

my own grows with it went very well so far; however, i have who-knows-what, mucho bacteria…i assume.

as far as the folks selling it for $$$, i had to think, “these dudes are getting it quick while they can because it’ll be copied/stolen” … and, “damn, they wrote their fucking pHd on growing weed AND used the school lab to create mammothP”
:thinking: lucky mofos.

the more PSBs & P munchers that make it into the ocean, the better, in my undereducated mind. knock down some of our spillage. :thumbsup:



Took a while to find your thread you mysterious bastard you :rofl:. Looking good CS.

I have some Mammoth P I think tucked away in a dark corner :face_with_monocle:



check out my latest hysteria over at:



I picture @Kraven cooking up some Tryptic Soy Broth…mmm…triptik




update of my 50State F1 Bodhi OSS1. it’s a beast. GojiOGxOSS male on left is waiting for some pollen in a few weeks(can’t waste a plant!). I think I’ll hit a branch of the OSS1 with it. :thumbsup: :orange_book: :sunny:

:evergreen_tree: gulp. love my cupholder. :tropical_drink:


Good Morning August …month of my birth…

Thought I’d show you guys the light dep before wake-up time and my home-made fastener “clips”.

i split one “side” of a PVC irrigation pipe(thin wall), cut off short segments, and learned to put strips of quality duct tape on to save my fingertips & plastic. When it was freezing cold & rainy this winter/spring my fingers hurt BAD.
they work very well though.

Sorry for the out-of-focus, but here’s my black plastic “curtain” or “drape” setup to block the nighttime light pollution from neighbors. I pull them aside in the day for airflow & (glare). Hung from fishing line.

MasterOG good nightime smoke, nice heavy yielder, lots of resin.
Boring skunk aroma(not RKS). I also am happy with the soil bag & 3" perlite bottom layer. more frequent watering cycle. :thumbsup:

MasterOG again both clones. Perlite is our friend. :smile:



Awesome @cannabissequoia your making yourself look GOOD !!🖒 and me look bad 🖓 hahaha :v: keep up the awesome work


Thanks man but no way do you look bad here. That HopeGrows share is both inspirational and a reminder to check ones’self & to give, give, give… because take, take, take is followed by bang-bang-bang! :wink: heh j/k

Seriously though, I’m just glad to be here & that we have a real online community that makes me feel a little younger & a LOT better.

:thumbsup: :v:


I’m glad your here and I’m glad to be here too. . .I might not exactly understand your post 100% of the time but if I see you have posted I always read it just because most of the time it makes me laugh!:joy::joy::v::unicorn::poop::beers::birthday::seat::popcorn:
:christmas_tree:< CS all dressed up


Indoor GrowKaaba update 8/5/18

Every bit of this is for seed production. :smirk:

Hold your horses (until Xmas) :christmas_tree: thanks @Hoodini :wink:

We’ll have a whole messy platter of polyhybrids you see here, including some auto/photo F1/H1s(i understand this means surprises :smile:), as well as whatever’s left of my outdoor pollenchucking. Should be about 15 different options. :thumbsup:

:evergreen_tree: is f’n tired of unbreatheable air :mask:


A lil update.

My 50State OSS#1 is growing so fast. It’s hard to keep up with the training. :lifter:

And this is the 2nd of 2 BOG SourLifeSaver plants this year. I already used up her brother’s pollen & she’s still in preflower. WAAAy smaller & shorter nodes but has the same huge leaves and really strong stems. :thumbsup: