The Museum of Buds

When I started successfully growing (took me 3 tries and only made it to 1 harvest which went moldy!) I started collecting my buds and dating them. I thought it would be cool to have them cast in amber but never knew if it would work so have just been saving them after each grow.

Here is 4 years worth of buds

A couple of them were actually quite narly but the oldest ones actually still look good, they’ve just discoloured (but its ok I took raw photos so i’ll be doing some colour correction this weekend for sure). Shot on Canon 90d with sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and 470ex-ai speedflash


should i have uploaded those pics directly to this thread?

hahaa…we were creating a Bud-Archive too,when we started growing back then. but we had to do breaks from growing now and then,so the archived nuggs didn´t made it thru the bud-shortage.


It was great going through taking pics of them, brought back some good memories of the grows. The Holy Grail has a lot of backstory to it!


This might help you
Skip the mold part and use the resin plastic to encase these babies. You just need to plastic resin mix.

Cheap to do - and looks like fun