The tale of 2 tents: Been back 2 days let’s grow

As most must know , I have not been here in a few years . Was not my choice but guess I deserved it . The powers that be have allowed me to return . On a short leash so not going to be provoked , lol . Please understand that . Missed it here , other sites I’m on are not the same , just not . So let’s do this shall we !!

Started a journal somewhere else , it’s 60 pages and lots of pics . Really do not want to start all over so I’ll do a summary and get everyone up to speed . Currently today is day 7 of flip on one tent , 7 days away from flip on tent 2 .

I’m at work too hard to do on phone will finish this when I get home and can pull pics .

Thought that would be a good idea , a brief summary and pics of them till now …

Sound like a good plan ???


This is a copy of my first post

Since Im about to start a run, figured good timing to post up here and get started. Been lurking here a while, not much to see/do until I do a grow log I guess, so here goes.

Have to come from seed, ugh, was tough picking the runners from my seed bank, lol. Made my choices last night, beans went swimming for 12 hours, placed into my starter setup 6 hours ago, so this will be a real time live run. Threw done maybe 50 beans, many are old and not sure of viability, but i take good care of them, should be alright.

Was trying to fit pic between txt paragraphs, looks like I have failed, lol. Anyone help???

Going to end up with 12 ladies, in 12 octopots, in my 9x5 Gorilla with 2 LED’s overhead. Seedlings will go outside till sexed, unless i can find a cheap “sex service” that can tell from 10 day old leaf material??? Will run organic soil(or near organic) as always, and I use Jacks nutes in my own ratios. I do “forward growing” always pushing the plant forwards. Grow leaf in Veg, grow bud in flower, know my npk ratios well.

As i said, will be in 6 gallon Octopots, been rocking them for years now, will grow no other way. Feed is every watering, low ppm and correct ratios for the plants cycle. I do not own a ph meter or tds meter, not needed use of them since I stopped growin full hydro with 3 part nutes, and that has been a while. I get less hassle, more yield, and happier plants this method. I tend to keep it simple, but took years to realize how to do that properly. Had some great help along the way, hoping some old members from other sites I have been on come check out the run, it will be interesting, my 1st run under LED’s.

Laid out my seed pile, DAMN, where in the F did I get all these, lmao! Was not an easy decision, so I threw down more than Ill need, Im not seed poor. The extra’s, assuming a good seed pop, will just go outside in my greenhouse, hidden by a tall stand of bamboo I planted 5 years ago that is now a jungle. Cannot even see the greenhouse in there.

These are my players:

  1. Orange Goji Made by a friend, known as 50State, a great grower and good people too. Bodhi’s Goji Og x I forget which orange, lol. Killer bud, run many times
  2. Goji OG My last 3 original Goji beans from Bodhi. The pheno I grew for years was my favorite bud, hoping these 3 pop and give me a chance
  3. OGAH My cross, my favorite Orange Goji killer male X Amnesia Haze Core Cut (european clone i was gifted) 1/2 are ringers for Orange Goji, 1/2 A.H!!!
  4. Papa’s Punch Sannies original Sugar Punch lady X an unknow Bodhi male, smells like a magic marker, kicks like a mule, beautiful tight bids, i dig her
  5. Space Monkey Original seeds gifted to me by 50State, all were GREAT, only had a few left, they took the plunge . LOVE the Bud, and terp monster of all time!
  6. C99 F6 Grown several times, By Indican(Sinister Seeds) he took these to F6, consistent, excellent C99 , been missing here for years.
  7. Cloud Watcher Made by good friend 10 years ago, would take 3 paragraphs to explain her lines, just know, smoke a joint of her, next 2 hours is watching clouds
  8. Truck Made by friend goes by ISLAY was ISLAYHEARTS, lol. Trainwreck X Huck Kush. Goes huge with color
  9. Gauva Hasplant X C99 Made by paintedfire420, stunning bud, never grown her before, cannot wait !

So that is starting lineup, not sure what I shall do, but KNOW Orange Goji, Goji, OGAH, and Space Monkey WILL make it inside. Depending on my M’F ratio’s, Ill run 2 of 6 strains, or 4 of 3 strains. Lord help me figure this out.

So, nothing too exciting for a spell. Seeds will come up, go to dixies, live 10 days inside, then get up potted and go outside to wait on sex. Cuts will be rooted in my seed stasrter, and first sign of roots, into the octopot. Best to get them in Octo’s small.

Soil is built, nutes ready, tent will go up in a few weeks time and get it sorted.

\Used Gavita DE 750’s forever, replacing them this grow with new LED’s. MY FIRST RUN with leds, should be intertesting. Either 2 HLG 650R’s or 2 640’s by Grow Light Science, leaning towards 2 640’s . ANYONE can chime in on this is they want to. Always open for discussion.

I like to post, like pictures, so assuming my seeds pop, all will be shown here. Stop in say hello, say or ask anything. Good with it all.

Not getting into any fights here, so if you intend to strart anything, just know I’ll ignore it. I get too worked up over my grows, they are very personal to Me .


Pulling up a chair and looking forward to the show.


I’ll skip most of the seedling shit .

Used Farmer Freeman for sex service on the seedlings . Nice to know sex at 7 days from sprout huh!

As you will see when I get there, it made going into octos Childs play .

They are rooting in my octos in 4 to 6 days now and new vertical growth around day 7!!!

Changed the game !


Sweet man May your harvest be Kind tagged :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:


100 % germ rate

Did ham fist one Goji og and killed it :dizzy_face:





Looked long and hard did my homework
Bought Grow Ligjt Science 640 leds because of their quality and spectrum








Did sex test on them