Things That Make You Go Hmmm (Part 1)

If you say so.

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I buy the other baked beans $1.99 a tin lol both made by Heinz lol

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I envy your innocence :laughing:


I’ve banged a few porn stars :joy: no joke worked security in most of the strip clubs in San Francisco one time or another lol

Porn stars
Need love to :rofl:


I live a sheltered life. :wink:

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Me too.
The last one was at her house. We got into proper position.
I said, “Dam! That’s Big. Dam! That’s big”

She said, “You didnt have to say it twice”

I said “I didn’t. I didn’t”.


Were they well hung? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about some names?!

Most strip clubs bring a porno star once a month it’s good for business,most of them are pretty big stars as well,they make money taking pics with pervert old blokes
And private dances :joy:

I did do security in a male strip club it was all cock and balls ,I wore a Jason hockey mask so no one would spot me online

This is a true story the owner of the place loved it I walked about with a jockey mask on
Worked I a few sex clubs as well,did club and bar security for almost 20 years
I’ve seen a lot of shit,seen a dude bent over a a chair some bloke had his arm up his ass to his elbow :rofl:


I could go (and have happily gone) my whole life without seeing that lol

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@anon98660487 did it look like this? :rofl:

:rofl: sorta but he was butt nakid with a rubber ball in his mouth :joy: you wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve seen can’t believe half of it myself

Use to be this bloke that would shit in the club every week took me 3 weeks to catch him doing it,he would shit in his trousers and let it slid down the leg and onto the floor :joy: dirt bag

There’s some sick people in this world


Thanks now I have to rinse my mind out with soapy water…….
Things that make you go EWWW!!


sounds like NYC in the 70’s - totally wild place. My buddies & I would ride the train in to go bar-hopping in Times Square at age 14. Drinking pints w/ homeless old men at the bar. 200+ strip clubs! Freedom to do anything or buy anything you want. Freedom to be kidnapped into the back of a van and sold into sexual slavery if you weren’t careful and watching your friends! :smiley: All good.

It’s been awful to watch watch what gentrification has done to SF and NYC. It’s a conquest IMO. People are now herded into pens like animals to “celebrate” New Years’ Eve.

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San Francisco a real shithole these days


Literally from what I hear, as in stepping over excrement being a daily thing.


I mean when there is an app specifically dedicated to that topic…
There’s your sign!!:rofl:

Still lots of great people though.
Everytime Im there I wanna spray the whole bitch down with some 33% H2O2


They have a shit app in sf :rofl: so many people shitting on the streets here you take a pic of the turd and post it on the app :rofl:
Such a fuxked up city
They ban plastic bags and spend millions
Trying to clean shit off the streets and dirty needles


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