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This is going to be the location for my next grow/stuff I do. The grows primary focus is going to be growing the 1:1 thc/cbd seeds that I got. They are Pennywise from TGA. I also got 3 Strawberry Daiquiri from TGA and 4 feminized Girl Scout Cookies from an unknown breeder. Starwberry and Cookies are freebies. Looking forward to the results. I started germination today. Peace everybody.


Good luck on the journey man!

Please post lots of pics…

Sci :robot:


You know it my dude. Ive been wanting to take some more pictures


Ok got an update. Only 1of the 5 pennywise seeds germinated for me. Other ones sat in a paper towel and ziploc for 4 days so i decided just to crack them by finger and plant them in the soil. 3 of 3 for the strawberry daiquiris spouted and growing. 4 of 4 for the girl scout cookies. The girl scout cookies are feminized the rest are regulars. Let the games begin.

Thinking about getting into the egg extraction game too.


The title is genius. Everytime I see it I have to click on it “This Page is Corrupt” :laughing:


Thats some effective marketing if you ask me!


Took a nice bike ride today. Its amazing what youll find if you arent looking for anything.


Today was a good day. I got a good workout in, mixed my soil for my next batch of plants and got a round of disc golf in. Stay up everybody!


Plant update. The 4 feminized girl scout cookies are looking a little weird. Thats ok because they were freebies to begin with. Ill wait and see what turns out. The one pennywise that started growing is doing awesome and same with the 3 strawberry daiquiris. Today i put 2 og kush auto seeds into soil. These are from dinafem and they are 1:1 thc/cbd. I also put 2 mystery bagseed seeds into soil as well.

The girl scouts:

Strawberry Daiquiri and Pennywise:

Also just got my new med card:


…you found your bike? :thinking: :smoking: :bicyclist:

:evergreen_tree: :wink:

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Damn you and your foolery! Had a literal laugh out loud there.

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Got a little update of the garden. Planted 4 Purple Durban and 4 Thai Flyer x Cindy 99 x Durban or something like from @Cobra50. Couldnt wait that long. They are in the blue plastic cups awaiting their journey to the top of the soil. The 3 Strawberry Daiquiris are doing great. The 1 Pennywise is growing very fast but is showing some signs of stress. I also popped 2 Og Kush autos. 1:1 thc/cbd. I know its not the best to transplant these but whateves. They look good.

Strawberry Daiquiri


Girl Scout Cookies

Og’s and a mystery bagseed


I need to renew my card, it expires October 1st…

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Yeah man gotta get on it. I waz a tad paranoid during the time i didnt have my card. Such a shame we need to get a card to legally grow but it could be way worse. Its like they are milking the system before it becomes legal.


Hopefully recreational will pass in November and we won’t need cards anymore…


True that. I really hope more than anything that the U.S. reschedules cannabis. Thats when things will really start to get interesting.


Got 4 plantz transplanted today. 3 of them were the strawberry daiquiri and the other is the pennywise. I used the clackamas coot mineral mix with 1 part compost 1 part peat moss and 1 part aeration(lava rocks). Ive used this mix before but didnt finish the plants in the mix so this will be my first time around using this stuff to the end. Its supposed to be a water only mix.

Left to right are the 4 transplanted plants. The tallest being the pennywise. Next are the 4 feminized girl scout cookies. Then 2 og kush autos and mystery bagseed plant. Finally in the cups are the seeds gifted to me from @Cobra50. Peace, love, and positivity.


Update time. So i noticed a little mite damage on the plants. Thankfully not all of them. The plants got their first treatment of Azamax. I also topped the pennywise plant. I hope it turns out to be female. Other than that things are moving along nicely. Ill be transplanting 2 girl scout cookies this evening. They’re looking a little root bound.


Turns out its not mite damage but they are thrips. First time having these things. Going to use some azamax for help ward them off. Got 2 girl scout cookies transplanted and all the transplanted plants are topped. Little malted barley action too. Peace out and have a dank weekend.


i’ll take thrips over mites any day. :slight_smile: you’re giving me hope about the little flecks i’m seeing on my outdoor. i was upset enough about “seeing” spider or russet mite activity potentially that I just got annoyed & didn’t bother to grab a leaf for my microscope.

coincidentally, i’d stopped spraying Spinosad a couple of weeks before this…

i’ve had thrips fly out of dried bud. :frowning: always a disappointment.